Jeremy Robinson


When proof of microscopic existence on Europa--Jupiter's 6th moon--is stumbled on, a workforce of astronauts and scientists embark on a undertaking to find its resource. Led by means of oceanographer and biologist, Kathy Connelly, the group is charged with the duty of melting via miles of ice to the hidden ocean underneath, the place the quest for alien microorganisms starts off. yet a startling discovery awaits them at the floor of Europa--life.

Vast fields of crimson, plant-like organisms fill the cracks crisscrossing the moon's floor, surviving on meals welling up from the waters under. inspired through the invention of lifestyles at the floor, Connelly and her workforce turn on the Thermal Exploratory approach and soften throughout the ice towards a global that doesn't are looking to be came across, towards an intelligence that might do whatever to ensure they by no means leave.

BENEATH takes all the motion, thrills, mind's eye and weird creatures that Jeremy Robinson is understood for and places them within the such a lot severe surroundings that you can think of: the skin, and sub-ice ocean of a moon 400 million miles clear of Earth.

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