Biggles and the Deep Blue Sea

W. E. Johns

Biggles is shipped to Jean Bonney Island within the Bay of Bengal, to enquire attainable interference with this British sovereign territory. Taking Algy with him, Biggles flies out in his Gadfly plane and lands on a lagoon at the island. the following they discover a guy named Clarence Collingwood who's antagonistic in the direction of them. He claims to be a biologist. Getting little info out of Collingwood, Biggles is suspicious as to why he's on my own at the island yet now not attracted to being rescued. Returning to the lagoon to spend the evening, Biggles and Algy are attacked through an immense Squid. After one other war of words with Collingwood, the Gadfly is minimize adrift and Biggles realises there needs to be a fourth individual at the island in addition. Biggles searches the small island and reveals cannabis turning out to be, a infamous narcotic. He discovers an Arab who he later unearths out is named Ali. Biggles additionally discovers what seems to be a guy made cave. in the meantime Algy has a few difficulty with a shark and has to maneuver the airplane, wasting the anchor within the procedure. Later, Biggles dives right down to get better the anchor and this can be the image at the dirt disguise of the publication, including an image of an Arab boat referred to as a dhow. Biggles comes to a decision to chop down the cannabis crop to smash it. Returning to the aircraft, simply because a typhoon is brewing, Biggles notices an Arab dhow impending. besides the fact that, the hurricane is fighting it from touchdown at the island. Biggles unearths Algy attempting to strap the aircraft down and, a lot to his shock, being helped by means of Collingwood. All 3 of them go back to Collingwood's hut to take take care of from the poor hurricane. Collingwood explains that the medication belong to the Arabs and are not anything to do with him. he's there to mine opals. Collingwood thinks the Arabs will kill them, as a result of what Biggles has performed to their drug crop. After the typhoon, all of them visit search for Ali and locate that he has been buried within the cave, which was once an opal mine. They have the capacity to dig him out alive. Biggles and Algy need to fix their storm-damaged airplane. the subsequent morning, the Arabs within the dhow try and land, however the touchdown celebration is attacked by means of a tremendous Squid and just one guy makes it ashore alive. Algy discovers Collingwood has been murdered through the evening and it really is visible that Ali has performed it to scouse borrow his opals. Biggles is going to confront Ali and reveals that the newly arrived Arab has killed him and stolen the opals himself. Chasing after the Arab, the fellow escapes through swimming the lagoon in simple terms to fulfill justice within the jaws of the shark. The Arabs land, yet having noticeable the shark assault their comrade, they don't blame Biggles or Algy for the entire deaths. The Arabs kill the shark and locate the opals inside of it yet their dhow is wrecked at the coral reef. Biggles and Algy go back domestic reflecting on why opals are thought of to be unfortunate.

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