Biggles and the Gun Runners

W. E. Johns

Biggles retires from the Air Police within the desire of being recruited in other places. he's hoping to infiltrate a gun working racket who're believed to be promoting weapons to rebels in African nations and supporting to impress civil struggle. After ads, Biggles is approached via a count number Alexander Stavropulos and provided a beneficiant salary to fly for him. Biggles is taken by way of airplane to Noriovika, a village in northern Greece the place the count number has a personal airfield. the following, he's stunned to discover Roderick Canson, a crooked ex-RAF pilot who Biggles has formerly noticeable imprisoned in BIGGLES AND THE BLACK masks. fortunately, the count number already understands that Biggles is an ex-policeman so Canson can't divulge him. Canson and a pilot known as Jumbo Brady are despatched on a regimen supply to Africa yet a message is later obtained that their Constellation aircraft has crashed in a space referred to as the Sudd. Biggles is assigned as co-pilot to Sandy furnish and they're either despatched out in a one other Constellation plane to rescue Canson, Brady and their shipment. On path, Biggles and Sandy are compelled to land by way of an army airplane piloted by way of Lieutenant I'Nobo of the Congolese Air strength. I'Nobo searches their airplane, discovering not anything, yet says he has been tipped off Constellation is smuggling weapons to rebels within the Congo and he has orders to forestall it. Canson, who has visible the aircraft come down, makes his method to them and tells Biggles that his Constellation was once additionally pressured down, yet has no longer but been came across by means of the Congolese military. Biggles, Sandy and Canson go back to Canson's Constellation airplane. Canson is adamant that his shipment is farm equipment and he's astonished to discover it really is truly weapons whilst Biggles opens the crates up. The weapons are hidden within the surrounding bush, as to be came upon with them may suggest dying for them all. in the course of the evening, Canson returns to Biggles' airplane and steals it to flee, leaving Biggles and Sandy stranded with the unique Constellation that's slowed down and can't be flown. Canson will get his comeuppance while I'Nobo shoots him down in flames, an occasion proven at the dirt disguise of the ebook. Brady returns to hitch the celebration, having been away looking support. he's by means of Sergeant Ducard of the Congolese military, with whom Biggles quickly falls out. Lieutenant I'Nobo arrives simply in time to forestall difficulty. Ducard and his males go away, yet then considered one of them, known as Christmas, deserts, to flee from Ducard and subscribe to Biggles and the others. This brings Ducard again and one other risky war of words is barely refrained from by means of the well timed arrival of Algy and Ginger. they've got pop out to the Congo with the count number, who's attempting to deal with what's occurring together with his planes. He actually has no wisdom of any smuggling as he acquired the goods for supply prepared packed and the Greek govt set a seize for the true culprits at the back of the smuggling operation.

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