Biggles - Foreign Legionnaire

W. E. Johns

whilst Biggles' contrary quantity and outdated buddy within the French Surete, Marcel Brissac, joins the French overseas Legion, Biggles is intrigued as to why. After pondering it via, Biggles concludes that Marcel is onto a global gang with a monetary curiosity in conflict. a variety of nations are at battle with one another and whilst there's a likelihood of peace, an incident often happens to thwart the peace approach. The foreign gang is at the back of such incidents. the one lead is the information that the group encourages French international Legionnaires to abandon and subscribe to them. Biggles and Ginger sign up for Marcel within the Legion, and locate he's less than suspicion. finally, Biggles and Ginger are approached to abandon as a result of their flying adventure. the 1st try out is going fallacious yet ultimately they do barren region and so stick to a path that they desire will cause them to the folk accountable. the path results in the Valley of the Tartars, the place a mystery squadron is accomplishing acts of aggression. the following they observe the gang's newest recruit is a definite Erich Von Stalhein. With the aid of a lone madman waging a one-man conflict opposed to the crowd and a shock assault through Kurds, Biggles foils their plans. Air Commodore Raymond will get to fulfill Von Stalhein for the 1st time. The dirt hide depicts Biggles within the Legion uniform.

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