Callsign: Deep Blue - Book 1 (a Tom Duncan - Chess Team Novella)

Jeremy Robinson, Kane Gilmour

Tom Duncan-Callsign: Deep Blue, former military ranger, former president of the us and handler of the black ops strength often called Chess crew, is vacationing the team's new mystery headquarters. The underground facility, referred to as Alpha, as soon as belonged to Manifold Genetics, a corrupt company close down via Chess group. yet regardless of being deserted for years, Alpha nonetheless hides secrets and techniques. protection doorways slam close and lock, sealing Duncan and his assistants within. As Matt Carrack, the chief of Duncan's safety workforce, makes an attempt to realize entry, Duncan discovers they don't seem to be by myself contained in the deserted facility. excessive tech intruders have infiltrated the bottom, their aim unknown. yet a miles higher risk rises from the subterranean depths underneath Alpha-failed regenerative experiments from the times of Manifold, and they are quickly, antagonistic and hungry. whereas the safety workforce are beset by way of creative demise traps, made up our minds mercenaries and cruel creatures that defy their imaginations, Duncan and his own bodyguard needs to conflict the becoming tide of creatures, stave off the incursion of enemy forces and stop the violent intruders from freeing the horror presently contained inside of Alpha, to an unsuspecting outdoor global. and because the conflict rages, a bomb quietly counts down within the shadows.

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