City of Swords (Rogue Angel, Book 39)

Alex Archer, Jean Rabe

In Charlemagne's footsteps, a guy who will be Holy Emperor…

It used to be the type of web posting sure to allure the eye of the yank cable television convey Chasing History's Monsters: "Dog-headed males sighted via travelers in Avignon." interested in France to discover the parable of Saint Christopher and the cynocephalus, or the dog-headed, archaeologist and tv host Annja Creed unearths herself time and again and inexplicably special by way of vicious mercenaries. Her top protection is to track this brutal violence again to its resource, which she quickly discovers to be a millionaire and self-professed descendant of King Charlemagne.

Caught up in a romantic and ruthless sixth-century global, the guy is confident that if he collects mankind's most dear and holy swords, he can satisfy his medieval ancestor's failed objective to construct the town of God. And he's stealing the worthy relics one after the other to arm his modern day paladins. Now he has his eye on a really distinct sword—Annja's.

And he'll need to kill her to get it.

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