Clive & Brie

Norah S. Bernard

Clive is eleven and Brie is his 13-year-old sister. They event the typical--and a few very UNtypical--junior highschool adventures. Clive is an online entrepreneur who gets a "spam" email-and makes a decision to "scam" the "spammer" via beating him at his personal video game. yet a stunning flip of occasions has it understanding in a manner he by no means imagined! Brie will get stuck up in her personal foibles: She writes a funny "anonymous" letter to a boy she likes--then faces actual probability while she accepts a call for participation from a good-looking older highschool boy. Their dad, man, reveals an heirloom pistol within the attic and, in keeping with the handbook, comes to a decision to wash it--big mistake! Constance, their mother, by some means will get "volunteered" to do issues she rather does not are looking to do--such as auditioning for a neighborhood construction of attractiveness and the Beast--and finishing up within the lead function! all of it comes jointly in a shock twist of situations on commencing evening!

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