Collateral Damage (24 Declassified)

Marc Cerasini

In a distant nook of latest Jersey is a country inside a nation—a shelter for fanatical converts and fervent believers. yet in the confines of the secluded Islamic neighborhood of Kurmastan, plans are underway to unfold worry, loss of life, and untold destruction throughout the US . . . and to convey one deadly blow to the country's uncovered and susceptible heart.

On the East coast to oversee the activation of CTU's manhattan workplace, rogue agent Jack Bauer reveals himself within the heart of an unleashed typhoon possibly already too robust to forestall. but when it's not, in twenty-four hours the U.S. can be delivered to its knees by means of a mystery military grown by itself earth. and there's no one Jack Bauer can trust—because the roots of the phobia cross very deep . . . and frighteningly high.

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