Dawn of Zombie Haiku

Ryan Mecum

a few race. a few lurch. Others come crawling, limping, staggering--dragging themselves towards someone who may perhaps nonetheless have a pulse. Zombies invade the island of new york, and they're hungry.

The tale of the zombie apocalypse is instructed throughout the eyes of sunrise, a ten-year-old lady who has been well-schooled within the undead as a result of her father's love of zombie videos. because the zombies process, sunrise and her dad become aware of the time has come to enforce their Zombie break out Plan, in order that they assemble neighbors and break out to the Statue of Liberty.

Only the plan does not cross particularly as anticipated. sunrise records their downfall in her haiku magazine, the place the limb-snapping, eye-popping, bone-crunching zombies ultimately make her one in all their very own. In gory aspect, and infrequently channeling her favourite poets, she describes the ugly scenes prior to her--and her personal scary impulses.

Ryan Mecum, the depraved brain in the back of the unique Zombie Haiku, brings you one other quantity of stressful poetry from the point of view of the jogging useless certain to get your center racing and your gag reflex operating, yet expectantly no longer your mouth salivating.

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