On a Wing and a Prayer: A Journey of Self-discovery on the Trail of Central American Wildlife

Sarah Woods

whilst author and intrepid traveller Sarah Woods set approximately researching the jungles of principal and South the United States, her quest took her into one of the most distant tangles of vine-knotted jungles in the world. In Panama's rain-soaked Chiriquí highlands, she navigated probably impassable trails with a machete to arrive quetzals with resplendent jewel-tone plumage.

Sarah sought the local knowledge of the indigenous Embera, deep within the Darien Jungle, so as to stumble upon the world's greatest and strongest birds of prey-the elusive harpy eagle. utilizing razor-sharp talons to seek and kill sloths and monkeys with lethal precision, those immense, winged dinosaurs conceal a lesser-known, softer part: devoting nice care to elevating their younger for the 1st years in their lives. Seldom visible within the wild, Sarah struggled to demystify the fear-riddled legends and superstitions that earned the harpy eagle its identify from early explorers.

Her voyage taught her a lot concerning the wealthy glories and spell binding spectacle of the flora and fauna and in addition its demanding situations and risks. She met the albino “moon children” of Kuna Yala, swam within the Panama Canal, encountered left-wing guerrillas on the center of Colombia's five-decade clash, and witnessed Amazonian ideals and customs surrounding shape-shifting and the jungle afterlife. Sarah survived landslides, crash landings, titanic floods, and tradition clashes in mysterious untrodden lands, studying a lot approximately features of herself from the marvelous flora and fauna and tribal peoples she encountered-arguably her largest trip.

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