Random Chance and the Paradise that is Earth

Shawn Michel de Montaigne

he is a thirty-fifth-century hippie named Random likelihood. He lives in a spacegoing RV that appears like a sea turtle. He loves historical rock n' roll music.

He christened his send The Pompatus of affection. The deep area among the planets of the sun process is his home.

He's obtained buddies, such a lot significantly The Pompatus' desktop, whom he named Hewey, and a more-special-than-most lady named Mia who is made her domestic at the mining asteroid of Vesta. He desires to see her soon.

Unfortunately, that is going to need to wait, simply because Random's uncle is scorching on his tail. He captains a warship for an oppressive interplanetary executive named the Oligarchy, and he is been searching for Random for a while now.

Random has a special present, person who he'll need to hire if he desires to break out from the Garkies and his uncle and make it to Mia. What he does not recognize is how a lot utilizing it's going to switch the full sunlight process and the process humanity forever.

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