Sword Art Online 2: Aincrad

Reki Kawahara

associated up and logged into the lethal VMMORPG "Sword paintings Online" in either the genuine and digital worlds, Kirito is caught in a hell of 1 man's making, and prefer every body else, not able to flee until eventually the sport is overwhelmed. yet whereas a few gamers are crippled by way of worry and others throw themselves into finishing the sport, nonetheless others sit back into lifestyle within the face in their merciless difficulty and dwell to the easiest in their ability...laughing, crying, yet constantly having fun with the sport. between them are 4 girls who make a mark upon the solo adventurer that Kirito has turn into: Silica, the beast-tamer; Lisbeth, the blacksmith; Yui, the mysterious orphan; and the tragic Sachi, by no means to be forgotten by means of the black swordsman...

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