Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, Book 4)

Adam Blade, Cherith Baldry

One boy's trip to aid his village turns into a quest to avoid wasting the dominion. contains a fearsome new beast in each ebook!
A mysterious strength has been creeping over the plains of Avantia. The animals are stampeding, and brush fires sweep the prairie. The farmers are spooked--whispers of a mysterious horseman are spreading as quick because the stampedes. And now that somebody has disappeared on a livestock force, suspicion runs excessive.
Tom and Elenna velocity to the plains to forestall Tagus the evening Mare earlier than he can do to any extent further harm. yet Tom results in the inaccurate position on the unsuitable time and is mistakenly thrown in penal complex. Can he win the belief of the people--and his personal freedom--before it's too overdue to prevent Tagus?

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