The Bone Trail (The Wyrmeweald Trilogy)

Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

From the creators of the sting Chronicles comes the exciting end to the epic saga of Wyrmeweald!
The bone path litters the barren lands of the wyrmeweald with the is still of dragon-like wyrmes, fortune-hunting kith bandits, and wyrme-protecting relations assassins alike—all viciously slaughtered within the ugly quest for gold and power.
Micah and his associates have battled tirelessly opposed to the kith bandits to guard the winged wyrmes. however the kith are becoming bolder, trapping and killing wyrmes to take simply their little flameoil sacs, then leaving the our bodies to rot. eventually, deep within the middle of the weald, the whitewyrme has despatched out a decision to hands. The wyrmes are getting ready for conflict, able to protect their domestic and themselves.
This could be conflict on each entrance: Wyrme opposed to kith. Kith opposed to kinfolk. Even wyrme opposed to wyrme. and previous fortune-hunter Micah, now wyrme protector, needs to organize for the struggle of his lifestyles . . .

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