The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones, Volume 4: 1934-1938, Hazards

Mike Resnick

After his Adventures in Africa, his Exploits in Asia, and his Encounters in Europe, everyone’s favourite guy of the material is again to inform you in regards to the risks he encounters in South the United States. They comprise the terrifying Island of pissed off Souls, the invention of the misplaced Continent of Moo (spelled competently for a change), a conflict with safari ants that even Charlton Heston wouldn’t wish any a part of, and 2 fowl ladies who reside in matching Chartreuse Mansions.
You’ll meet a few previous buddies reminiscent of Capturin’ Clyde Calhoun, previous heartthrobs such the Scorpion girl, outdated competitors comparable to significant Theodore Dobbins and Rupert Cornwall, an previous nemesis (the outstanding Erich von Horst), a couple of bare excessive priestesses (or goddesses, take your choice), the sinister Dr. Mirbeau, the particularly prosperous and awfully bad Baroness Schimmelmetz, and a rating of others–-including Bubbles, an anaconda with an attitude.
And making his means via those dangers is the irrepressible correct Reverend Honorable general practitioner Lucifer Jones. So come along–you don’t are looking to pass over the joys!

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