The Pale Horseman (The Saxon Chronicles Series #2)

Bernard Cornwell

The moment installment of Bernard Cornwell’s bestselling sequence chronicling the epic saga of the making of britain, “like online game of Thrones, yet genuine” (The Observer, London)—the foundation for The final Kingdom, the hit BBC the United States tv series.

This is the exciting—yet little known—story of the making of britain within the ninth and tenth centuries, the years within which King Alfred the good, his son and grandson defeated the Danish Vikings who had invaded and occupied 3 of England’s 4 kingdoms.

At the tip of The final Kingdom, The Danes have been defeated at Cynuit, however the triumph of the English isn't really fated to final lengthy. The Danish Vikings fast invade and occupy 3 of England’s 4 kingdoms—and all that is still of the as soon as proud state is a small piece of marshland, the place Alfred and his kin stay with a number of squaddies and retainers, together with Uhtred, the dispossessed English nobleman who was once raised by means of the Danes. Uhtred has constantly been a Dane at center, and has continually believed that given the opportunity, he may struggle for the lads who raised him and taught him the Viking methods. but if Iseult, a robust sorceress, enters Uhtred’s existence, he's compelled to think about emotions he’s by no means faced before—and Uhtred discovers, in his second of maximum peril, a new-found loyalty and love for his local state and ruler.

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