The Pilgrims of Rayne (Pendragon)

D.J. MacHale

while Bobby Pendragon first arrives at the tropical global of Ibara, he unearths paradise. As he works to discover clues in regards to the turning aspect this probably idyllic territory will quickly face, all he can be certain is that the folk of Ibara are blissfully chuffed. it isn't lengthy ahead of Bobby discovers, notwithstanding, that also they are blissfully...oblivious.

The leaders of Ibara are retaining a devastating mystery from their humans, one who provides Saint Dane the entire chance he must release his ultimate attack on Halla.

whereas Bobby struggles to benefit the reality in time to thwart Saint Dane, Courtney Chetwynde desperately searches for Mark Diamond. at the heels of a surprising tragedy, Mark has disappeared. Worse, he appears below Saint Dane's effect. it really is as much as Courtney to discover Mark and prevent him from creating a grave mistake which could switch the way forward for all lifestyles.

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