Wicked Eddies (An RM Outdoor Adventures Mystery)

Beth Groundwater

Book within the RM outside experience secret sequence by means of Agatha Award finalist Beth Groundwater.

Fly fishing is risky? River ranger Mandy Tanner had no notion till days prior to a major event in Salida, Colorado. real, the Arkansas River could be a man-eater, however the rapids weren’t liable for riding a hatchet into the neck of would-be competitor Howie Abbott―a secretive guy who can have been dishonest. whereas casting approximately for suspects, Mandy seeks clues from Abbott’s family, together with her ally, bartender Cynthia Abbott. but if Cynthia turns into the major suspect, Mandy realizes that trolling for the real killer has plunged her means too deep into depraved eddies.

Wicked Eddies is a finalist for The Rocky Award for top secret novel set within the Left Coast Crime Geographical Region

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