10 Simple Ways For Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lizards

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Simple ways for how to get rid of lizards

No one now will like to live with lizards in their homes. Though it eats the flies, mosquitoes and insects but many a times it comes along with harmful bacteria. You will not like to see many lizards crawling on your walls. It is very unsettling to have a sight of this creepy creature.

There are pests control remedies available in the market but if there are children or pets at home then one must avoid such chemicals. There are many home remedies that can be done to keep the uninvited guests at bay. They are not only effective home remedies to remove lizards but they also are eco friendly.

There are some of the home remedies that one can do to get rid of the creepy creatures at home especially lizards-

1. The egg shells​: There is a very peculiar odor of the eggs and their shells. By keeping the egg shells in the corners of the doors, house and windows, one can stay away from the lizards. Lizards sense the smell and make an assumption of the presence of some other creature there. Hence it would leave the place. Replace the old shells with new ones once a while. This is the method that even our grandmothers used to do.

2. Birds feather: It is assumed that lizards are scared of birds. Birds have the predator nature. So keeping a peacock feather at home would send lizards out of home. This would ensure that lizards stay away from your house. Moreover, the feather will be a decoration piece.

3. Coffee Powder​: This job may seem to be little messy but it is a very effective method to get rid of the lizards. One needs to make the balls from the mix of coffee and tobacco. It is an easy and successful way to prepare the lizard killing method. One can leave the balls in the corners by attaching them on the toothpaste. One can also place them on the cupboards and shelves. If the lizards eat these balls, they die.This will definitely get the bodies of the lizards in house. One can remove these bodies and get rid of them forever in their house. This method is useful in removing the ants as well from the home. One need to be carefully place these balls in presence of kids and pets at home.

4. Naphthalene balls:  Usually naphthalene balls are used at keeping insects and the small bugs away from the homes. They can also do a wonderful job in keeping against other house pests like lizards away from the home. Make sure to keep the naphthalene balls in the shelves and in the cupboards to keep the lizards at bay. It is a remedy to keep such creatures away from your home.

5. Garlic: Garlic  have the pungent smell. They cannot stand the smell of garlic. This home remedy might look awkward but it effective. One can hang the clove of garlic in the corners of the house. This would keep lizards away. You can also keep the garlic in the corners. You can also place or hang the cloves  at the entry point of lizards. It can be placed near the entrance of the house. One can make the garlic juice and spray in the areas that are prone to lizards as an alternative.

6. Onion:  similar to the garlic, Onion has the pungent smell that lizards cannot stand. It contains the sulphur compounds which produce the foul odour. If you hang the onion near the doors and windows lizards will disappear. You can also place them at the lizard prone areas and at all the entrances. As an alternative take the onion juice. Spray it in the areas where the creepy reptile roam the most. The spray would resist lizards to enter the place.

7. Pepper spray: Pepper spray is the solution that can irritate lizards. This is a remedy that would keep the lizards out of your house. They will run away. One can easily prepare the solution on its own. Mix the water and the crushed black pepper. Spray the solution in the kitchen and all over your house. It must be sprayed under the gas stove, refrigerator and the kitchen racks.

8. Tabasco Sauce​: similar to the black pepper spray, lizards do not like the smell of spicy Tabasco sauce. You may like it on the pizza topping but it works as a remedy to remove the lizards away from home. You must mix two teaspoons full of the sauce along with water. Prepare the spray bottle. Now spray the solution under the racks, on the window panes, in the corners of the doors and back of cupboards.

9. Cold water: it is one of the easiest remedy to get rid of the lizards. You need to spray the icy cold water on the lizard. The chilled water would make the lizard numb for some time. It will be immobile. Take advantage and throw the lizard out of your home when it is still numb.

10. Flypaper : The flypaper has the quality to not only trap the flies, but it can also trap the lizards. You have to paste the paper on the wall where you find the lizards. The lizards will stick to the paper and then you can easily throw them out from your house. The flypaper can be easily found.

11. Phenyl Tablets

The phenyl tablets have to be placed at all the possible places. Place it at the entryways, near the windows. The peculiar smell of the phenyl tablets would keep the lizard at bay.

12. Cardboard Box Method
it is an effective method for removing the Iizard away if one does not want them to get hurt. Just trap the lizard in the cardboard box and then you can throw them out.

There are certain other things that one can take care of for removing the lizards away from the home.: 

 - Keep the home clutter free. The places should be clean at home.

 - Lights must be kept off if not required. The lights attract the lizard.

 - Home must be mopped regularly especially after the meals.

 - The home must be kept free from the insects. If the home is free of pests and insects then the lizards would not enter.

 - Place the furniture away from the wall.

 - Get a cat as your pet.

 - Sanitize your home regularly.


The home remedies are effective ways to keep the lizards away from your home. They have another advantage that they are eco friendly.

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