Battery Powered Dehumidifier for Closet, Bathroom, Kitchen Room

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Battery Powered Dehumidifier

We all are well aware of the ease that a dehumidifier brings to our lives. Sucking out the excessive moisture and creating a fresh-smelling and comfortable environment are its significant functions. But most of these useful devices have high energy costs. To decrease the burden of the bills, manufacturers have constructed battery powered dehumidifiers or rechargeable dehumidifiers.

Before going into the details about the functions and features and other important things regarding a rechargeable dehumidifier, we are going to express briefly the benefits that a dehumidifier offers to mankind whether it is battery powered or not.

A dehumidifier, no matter what size it is or what additional features it possesses, always has one main operation that is eliminating the abundant moisture. The less moist air ensures the prevention of mold and mildew growth, hence, protecting clothes and other valuables from damaging.

What is a battery powered dehumidifier?​

What is a battery powered dehumidifier?​

Traditional electrical dehumidifiers that are of large size can be quite a pain when it comes to installing them in smaller spaces. They are noisy too. Most of these dehumidifiers are operated through electricity. So, they need to be plugged into a power source the whole time they are running and dehumidifying the air in the room or other areas of the house. So, in addition to the size, the cords can also act as inconvenient obstructions in compact spaces.

Most of the battery operated dehumidifiers are designed for small and compact spaces. Therefore, in general, these moisture-removing devices are small-sized in comparison with traditional ones. They lack the wires and cords that have to be plugged into a power source during their operation. Instead, they have rechargeable batteries.

What are the technologies used in a battery powered dehumidifier?

It will come as a great surprise to many of you that the dehumidifiers powered by battery do not use traditional batteries. It must have left you thinking why not? The answer to this question is simple and easy to understand.

For traditional batteries to be an effective power source to run a dehumidifier, the respective device requires a lot of power. This means a heavy burden on your budget because of the high energy consumption. Changing those batteries is costly too. If that’s the case, you must be wondering what is the actual technology used in such dehumidifiers.

Silica Gel Packets

silica gel packet

Unlike electrical dehumidifiers that use condensation to free the air of excess water, most of the battery powered dehumidification devices use a chemical substance called desiccant. These substances, also termed as moisture absorbers, are capable of pulling out the water vapors from the air filling your houses.

These wireless dehumidifiers need not be plugged into a wall for dehumidifying the house. Instead, most of them use rechargeable silica gel crystals that absorb moisture. They are not only great for controlling the level of humidity but perform their job without much maintenance. The next troubling question must be how the packets of silica gel are recharged.

In some battery powered dehumidifiers for recharging the silica gel crystals, the packet is removed from the dehumidifier and then baked in the oven for several hours. The baking temperature is often lower. In some units for the users’ ease, the machine is plugged into a power outlet overnight to renew the silica gel packet.

How long the battery operating dehumidifier lasts?

Many people are surprised by the duration of dehumidifier battery before it stops working. Even when there is an absence of traditional batteries, most of the batteries last for a period of ten years, sometimes even more before those batteries have to be replaced.

As for how long the device keeps on working before it has to be recharged again, it solely depends on the number of hours it keeps on running and the level of humidity inside the house. Most of them will last for thirty to sixty days after a single full charge in mild humid conditions. So, you can take these portable machines on long journeys without having to worry about plugging them in a plug-in switch.

Where to use the battery powered dehumidifiers in the house- Uses

These battery powered machines designed for eliminating moisture are appropriate for small spaces. They consume less energy and aren’t as powerful as traditional electrical dehumidifiers that make them a suitable choice for bathrooms, closets, and wardrobes etc.

One of the most humid places around the house is the bathroom. The long showers that relieve your body from exhaustion are responsible for increasing the water content in the air. The moisture from bathrooms can seep into the roofs and wall cavities and add to the humidity level of other rooms. To be safe than sorry, it is necessary to purchase a bathroom dehumidifier to eliminate moisture. Most of these devices are cordless for your convenience.

Closet dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers for small wardrobes are also essential to keep the level of humidity in your houses in check and to keep the colonies of mold and mildew from establishing. Like bathroom dehumidifiers, it is indeed convenient to own a cordless machine that pulls out the moisture from these compact, dark places where the risk of mold and mildew growth is very high. Once the desiccant dries out, it can be easily recharged by heating it in the oven without a hassle.


There is no shortage of dehumidifiers in the home-appliance market. These devices come in various sizes, shapes, features and technologies. But here, in this article, we have discussed briefly the significance of battery powered dehumidifiers. Often, these devices are smaller in size so they can easily fit into compact spaces. Their function isn’t any different from a big, condensing dehumidifiers. They remove the moisture from the air and provides you with a comfortable atmosphere to live in.

But one main difference is the absence of cord in rechargeable dehumidifiers. Gone were the days when you have to plug a dehumidifier into the power supply during its operation. The wires and cords supplied serve as an obstruction when you have to install these machines in small places like wardrobes, closets, small bathrooms etc. With dehumidifiers powered by a battery, you no longer have to worry about it. A single full recharge and you are good to go for a few days.

If you still have some confusion why this article about causes of high humidity in a house, you will be cleared.

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