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If you aren't a smoker but live with one, being exposed to the lingering particles of the smoke in the air would be very dangerous. These particles should be eliminated from the home. Air filters are remarkable appliances that will do this job. They come in various shapes and sizes but money should only be spent on the best air filter for smoke.

Air Filters

The air in which we breathe in is not hundred percent clean. There are air pollutants like mold spores, dust mites and the particles that are released into the air after someone smokes a cigarette in your home. The air filters are specifically designed for the purpose of removing the contaminants from the air. The best air filters efficiently suck out the dangerous particles leaving behind a fresh, clean air. Basically, air filter and air purifier are same, some people call air filter and some people call air purifier.

Harms of Smoke and The Best Air Filters for the Smoke

If you are one of those few people who think that only direct smoking kills, you are in denial. Smoking does not only has a bad impact on smokers but also affects the people who breathe in secondhand smoke and take in nicotine and toxic chemicals. These harmful chemicals are the sole reason for causing heart attacks, strokes, and lung cancer in people who have never even smoked in their entire lives. Allergic reactions and asthma problems are also common in non-smokers.

To avoid all the above-mentioned health hazards, it is advisable to quit smoking. But if the smoker in your family isn’t inclined to do that and needs some time convincing, your best option is to go for an air filter that is not only an enemy of mold spores, dust mites, and other bacteria but also proves effective to get rid of the smoke. Not every air filter helps in eliminating the smoke particles. You must look for the air filter that serves as the best air filter for smoke.

​Air filter not only filter harmful smoke around you, but also help us to remove spores and allergens when you have pet. Find air purifier for pet odors

Types of Air Filters and Their Pros

Air filters are classified into different categories depending upon the nature and size of particles contaminating the air.

  • HEPA Filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that were originally developed for the soldiers of World War II to protect their respiratory systems are now used by people in their homes to remove the allergens and toxic materials circulating in the air. These filters have the extraordinary capacity of trapping 99.7% of the particles that are 0.3 microns in size and 95% of the tiny particles that are 0.1 microns in size.

  • Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are highly useful against smoke, odors, and gaseous pollutants. When the polluted air passes through these filters, the small pores on carbon filters chemically react with the harmful particles and trap them. Carbon filters are hardly used alone. They are often used in conjunction with other filters to purify the air.

  • Ionic Filter

Being built around a negative ion generator, this air filter generates negative ions continuously that are capable of attracting the positively charged airborne allergen and dust particles. The attracted particles become too heavy to stay in the air and end up falling on the floor. These ionic filters also work against the smoke but they aren’t that effective against dust or pollen.

  • UV Air Filter

Instead of filtering the dust and allergens, and removing smoke and odor from the air, ultraviolet air filters release electromagnetic radiations to kill bacteria, mold, yeasts and viruses. They are highly useful for preventing diseases.

How each type of air purifier work and limitation are explained clearly in this article

Cons of Air Filters

Some people consider air purifiers a miraculous invention with many advantages but where there are pros, there are cons too. Not every air filter is environmental-friendly. A few release by-products that might be injurious to health.

Ozone is also used by some UV air filters to destroy the germs and other microorganisms. Ozone is a highly dangerous gas and poses a serious threat to human health. Therefore, it is recommended that you should stay away from the filters that produce ozone.

Factors to Consider before Buying an Air Filter

Air filters are one of the most heavily advertised appliances. They could offer great benefits if you are lucky enough to select the best air filter available for the job.

  • The quality of the air

What kind of pollutants are contaminating the indoor air must be the question you should ask yourself first. If it’s dust, mold spores, smoke or pet dander. If it’s the revolting odor in the air that’s bothering you. Once this question is answered, purchase the air filter accordingly.

  • The size of the room

The area required to be cleaned will decide what should be the size of the air filter.

  • Noise level

Air filters that produce loud sounds while running could get on your nerves. Choose the one that performs a quiet operation.

  • Operating costs

Before handing the money to the salesman, look for an air filter that is Energy Star Qualified because the operating costs of such air filters are low in comparison with others.

Below are list of top 5 Best Air Filters for Smoke on market now

1- AeraMax 300 Air Purifier

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier

via Amazon

If you are looking for an air filter that not only removes toxic chemicals left behind in the air after smoking but also relieves asthma and allergies, AeraMax 300 Air Purifier might be the best air filter with its 4-stage hospital type filtration. The area coverage of this purifier is 300-600 square feet where it detects air quality while adjusting the fan speed automatically.

99.97% airborne particles and flu virus are removed with its HEPA filter lowering up to 0.3 microns. Noise level of this air purifier is almost zero. This large area coverage comes in handy when you want to cleanse the air of large sized rooms.

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier can help to remove allergies effectively. If you want to product for allergies, read this article​


  • True HEPA filtration system for allergy and asthma
  • AeroSafe antimicrobial treatment prevents bacterial growth
  • Carbon filter removes odors
  • Built-in Ionizer feature collects dust particles.
  • Sleek design and fits nicely in the corner of a room.
  • Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)


  • Indicator lights that cannot be turn off
  • High filter replacement costs

​2- PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier

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For smoke and other contaminants, Purezone 3-in-1 air purifier is considered to be one of the best air filters for smoke by its purchasers. With its ultra quite operation this air purifier disinfects your office or home in short time period.

Proven HEPA filter diminishes 99.97% air particles as lower as 0.3 macrons. Its high rating is the evidence of its efficiency. The product holds a manufacturers 5-years warranty, which proves unmatched quality.


  • Three filters into one
  • HEPA filter captures dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores etc
  • Pre-filter captures large particles
  • Activated carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors
  • UV-C light kills germs, viruses, and bacteria
  • Automatic timer shuts off after 2, 4 or 8 hours
  • Three fan speeds
  • Filter reset indicator informs when it's time to change filter
  • Runs smoothly and quietly with 30 dB noise level
  • Runs very quietly and lights are shut off in sleep mode


  • Unit is very small in size
  • UV filters produce ozone gas that is harmful

​3- Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier AP-300PH

Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier AP-300PH

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After experiencing many brands of air purifiers, I can say that Fellowers AP-300PH is the best one among these good brands. It removes the air particles nearly 100% providing you a smooth freshness in your home or office.

With its 4-stage purification system the air is filtered 4 times means you’re getting a healthy, fresh, and clean air. A true HEPA filter eliminates all sort of harmful air particles keeping them as small as 0.3 macrons in a 230 to 300 sq ft room. Carbon filters have sanitized technology that gets rid of the particles without clogging. Ionized PlasmaTrue Technology efficiently removes viruses, bacteria, and other harmful germs.


  • Effective HEPA filter eliminates particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Activated carbon filter with antimicrobial technology to remove odors
  • Air purity sensor to monitor air purity
  • PlasmaTRUE™ Technology remove airborne pollutants
  • Four fan speeds
  • Easy to use display panel
  • Ultra quiet operation


  • Life of filter is short
  • Plasma Ionizer can’t be switched off
  • Carbon filter eliminates light odors only

​4- GermGuardian AC5350B Air Purifier System

GermGuardian AC5350B Air Purifier System

via Amazon

Like most of the air purifiers, Energy Star Qualified GermGuardian AC5350B Air Purifier System claims to work best in an environment where smokers and allergy sufferers are present. With a slim and sleek tower design it becomes a home or office decor besides fighting against harmful viruses and bacteria. The purifier is made of fine ABS plastic that enhances its portability.

The GermGuardian AC5350B comes with advanced 4-level filtration. UV-C light technology is the unique feature of this model that helps killing the genetic structure of germs by making some changes. Another enticing feature of this model is its charcoal filter that efficiently removes the odor produced by pets.


  • Sleek and stylish design suits homes and offices
  • HEPA filtration technology
  • Charcoal filter for unpleasant odors
  • UV-C light with Titanium Dioxide kills microorganisms
  • Five fan speeds
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to replace filters


  • Not effective against heavy odors
  • Filter and lamp replacements cost very high
  • Low CADR rating

​5- AeraMax 100 Home Air Purifier

AeraMax 100 Home Air Purifier

via Amazon

Being one of the best air filters for smoke, AeraMax 100 Home air purifier has proved itself effective against the toxic chemicals released into the air by smokers. It is capable of cleaning 100 to 200 square feet space that is why it is recommended for small rooms.

An easy to replace AeraSafe antimicrobial true HEPA filter removes 99.97% airborne particles along with sensors which lit indicator when the filter requires change. The fan speed could be adjusted manually through capacitive touch display. The manufacturers offer 3-years warranty on the product.


  • Four-stage purification system- Carbon filter, HEPA filter, AeroSafe antimicrobial technology and PlasmaTRUE technology
  • Effectively eliminates microorganisms and removes odors
  • Special mode useful against influenza virus.
  • AeroSmart sensor monitors air purity continuously
  • Ultra quiet operation


  • Plasma Ionizer irritates lungs and can’t be switched off
  • LED lights of touch screen display are too bright

High efficiency air filters infographic

air filter infographic



In this article, I have mentioned five of the most appealing and highly efficient air filters for the smoke. But if I have to spend my money on an air filter, I’ll purchase PureZone 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier. For me, it is the best air filter for smoke because it features three filters that are not only effective against cigarette smoke but also removes other impurities and makes odors disappear. A few of my friends have recommended it to me because of its quiet operation, sleep mode option and UV light that kills bacteria and germs. It is clearly better than others for asthma problems. All in all, it possesses all the features the best air filter must have.

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