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We have already explained you about small dehumidifier for basement, if you haven’t read it, you can find it here. And to day we would like to come with article about best dehumidifier for crawl space on market. Many spots around the house remain wet and cold. Such spots are responsible for creating high levels of humidity around the house. The consequences of excessive humidity are mold and mildew that can affect the integrity of the structure of the house. But that is not the only cost one has to pay.

It’s time to think about Crawl space dehumidifier?

crawlspace dehumidifier

 Mold and mildew are capable of turning a perfectly healthy person into a patient suffering with serious health issues like asthma, coughing, skin allergies etc. One of the many places that play an ideal role in enhancing the humidity of the air around the house is a ‘crawl space’. And it is essential to opt for the best dehumidifier for crawl space to tackle the severe moisture problems.

Crawl spaces, as the name implies, are cramped places, with limited height so that they only allow a person to crawl in. The height ranges are mostly from 1 to 5 feet. They aren’t much different from the basements around the house, except for their limited headroom. They usually have a sandy or soil floor and are established in upper or lower story of the building.

These spaces have a number of advantages but sometimes the disadvantages weigh a lot more when it comes to the hostile environment of such spaces. Crawl spaces are the dampest and coldest part of the house because water can trap in there. The gravity causes the moisture from anywhere in the house to creep downwards, reaching the crawl spaces, hence, resulting in low levels of temperature and high level of moisture.

Reasons Behind High levels of Humidity in Crawl Spaces

There are certain major reasons that enhance the water content of the air in crawl spaces:

  • Water leakages either due to some plumbing or drainage problems ends up creating small ponds of water in the crawl spaces causing them to suffer from excessive moisture.
  • Sometimes on rainy days or in humid climates the outdoor air comes inside the vented crawl spaces and gets stuck. This air containing high levels of moisture can increase the humidity inside the crawl space. Such moisture can damage the wood, concrete and altogether the whole foundation of the house.
  • The water from around the house also creeps inside the walls, ceilings, and floors and reaches the crawl spaces making the air around them more humid.


If the crawl spaces, like basements, have bad ventilation, they face the problem of excessive moisture. If not dealt effectively and in time the moisture can penetrate the walls, roofs and floors and damage electrical installation and the structure of the house.


Proper ventilation is most of the times effective in solving the problem but when the situation gets out of hand, buying the best crawl space dehumidifier is necessary.

How to find out the best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

The dark and damp surroundings of the crawl spaces make them an ideal place for the growth of the mold and mildew.  So, it is necessary to get rid of the moisture. When it comes to eliminating the excessive water content present in the crawl spaces using a dehumidifier, one must be very careful while making a choice. Not every dehumidifier is suitable for crawl spaces. The dehumidifiers that have effective drainage systems, have low heights and are energy efficient are highly recommended. Mentioned below are some of the best choice of dehumidifiers for crawl space.

For crawl space, Below are list of top 3 rated dehumidifier for crawl space in market, check them out to know what is advantage and disadvantage of each one.

1/ Santa Fe Compact 2 Dehumidifier for Crawl Space

2/ Santa Fe Advance 2 for Crawl Space

3/ Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

1 – Santa Fe Compact 2 DehumidifierSanta Fe Compact 2

The first best dehumidifier for crawl space we would like to introduce to you is Santa Fe Compact 2. Its compact design of 12x12x21 inches allows it to easily fit in tightest of spaces where other dehumidifiers can’t. It can remove moisture from 1,600 square feet of area effectively without consuming much power as it is Energy Star qualified.

It is capable of removing 70-pints of water a day while producing minimum sound during its operation. Crawl spaces are generally cold, so the use of Santa Fe Compact 2 will be the best option as it can operate in temperatures as low as 49 degrees. An auto restart option always comes in handy. The unit features an MERV-8 filter providing protection against mold spores, allergens, and other harmful bacteria.

2 – Santa Fe Advance 2 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Advance 2

For medium to large size crawl spaces, Santa Fe Advance2 belongs to the list of the best dehumidifier with pump for crawl space available for sale in the market. It is Energy Star certified. Its dimensions are 26 x 14.5×19.4. It works effectively in the crawl spaces up to 2,200 square feet.

With simple and reliable manual controls, an adjustable humidity control and an auto-defrost mode, this dehumidifier can eliminate 90 pints of water per day. It can work in temperatures as low as 49 degrees and comes with a continuous drainage system. For air cleaning, MERV-8 filter is installed in it.

3 – Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier 2

Santa Fe Classic is categorized as one of the most efficient and best dehumidifiers for crawl space because of its performance. Its dimensions are 20’’WX 36’’HX17’’L. It is capable of sucking 110 pints of moisture daily. In situations where gravity drainage isn’t possible, it’s condensate pump assist you in water drainage.

It is useful for crawl spaces having an area of 2,500 square feet. It’s able to operate in temperatures as low as 56 degrees. In case, the frost forms inside the unit, an auto-defrost mode shuts off the unit quickly and melts the frost. If it’s simple controls, quiet operation, and high capacity blower unit makes it appealing for customers.


The source of most of the humidity around the house are basements and crawlspace. Crawl spaces are the coldest parts of the house, sometimes built in place of basements. The mold and mildew that thrives in moist conditions establish their colonies there. The spores can scatter all around the house.

De-humidification along with ventilation is the best way to tackle the issue. Any normal sized and an efficient dehumidifier can perform the job when it comes to basements but the same thing isn’t true for crawl spaces. Crawl spaces have low height, so a dehumidifier used for them should be too. Mentioned above are some of the best dehumidifier for crawl space that will leave you satisfied with their performance.

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