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Do you live in an area where the humidity level remains too high all over the year? No doubt the excessive humidity is the most disturbing element because this not only distracts the home construction but also produces mold and mildew that lead to the unhealthy environment causing allergies and other threats on health. A dehumidifier is essential part of the home affected by excessive humidity.

Why do we need Bedroom Dehumidifier?​

If you want to install a dehumidifier in your bedroom to sleep tight in a healthy and fresh environment, you should consider some tips before purchasing a unit. It’s true that a large capacity dehumidifier can remove the moisture more efficiently and quickly, but the bigger units produce noise as well.

Even some people get disturbance from the ticking of a clock, so how will they accept the continuous and irritating noise of a dehumidifier. If you are one of those people, don’t get frustrated with this issue because many manufacturing companies are producing efficient and quiet dehumidifiers nowadays that will not agitate you during your bedtime.

However, before buying a piece blindly, you should keep some facts in your mind. The size of your room, humidity level you would want to extract, quietness of operation, drainage system, and of course the price are the important issues to be noted before getting a dehumidifier into your home. These kind of units are completely different from dehumidifier with pump about size, capacity, coverage area as well as weight.

Here are some popular dehumidifiers which used for bedroom and we are going to discuss to help you choose one of the best for your bedroom.

List of Top best 5 Bedroom dehumidifier​

1- Pro Breeze PB-02-US Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1100 Cubic Feet

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​Pro Breeze mini dehumidifier is an ideal solution for removing excessive humidity providing freshness and odor-free atmosphere in your bedroom. It is a handy tool to eliminate moisture in the air for smaller footage spaces up to 64 sq. ft.

A water reservoir with 16 ounces capacity is attached with the unit. When the water reservoir gets near its full capacity the auto turn off function activated and the unit goes off.

It collects up to 9 ounce water from the misty air per day. The unit is very light, compact, and portable due to its small construction.

The most important feature of the Pro Breeze mini dehumidifier is its quiet operation as its whisper technology fan produces no noise and you will not get frustrated with any noise.

As the unit is very small in its build and has auto shut off system, power consumption is minimal just 20 watts. The unit is powered with a 9VDC power adapter.

It's perfect idea for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or caravan or any small space​.

2- Premium Dehumidifier for Bedroom

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Premium bedroom dehumidifier bedroom is one of the small capacity units with compressor. This produces awesome results when operating in your bedroom.

As this unit has a compressor rather than desiccant models it produces some noise, but this noise is not bothersome.

With just small noise ratio as zero, it is completely acceptable at the price of fresh and cozy environment in your bedroom. It weighs just 3.2 pounds that is not a bit heavier than desiccant family, but easy job to find out position for it in short time.

The filter of dehumidifier is located at the back of the dehumidifier accessible to remove and clean. Water bucket has the capacity of 0.8 liters with full tank alert that turns the unit off when water bucket reaches its full capacity.

If you don’t want to empty water tank manually, there is an option of continuous drainage in this model, if the unit is installed near a suitable drainage.

However, the unit has no caster wheels and you will have to carry it in your hands, moreover, there is no hygrometer installed on the control panel, so you will hang one on the wall.

3- Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

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Eva-dry Edv-1100 has excellent features best value for your money. The unit is manufactured using modern technology to provide you a fresh breeze in your home.

A nice looking and friendly contains all necessary controls over it to get the required humidity level. You can adjust the humidistat you want from 35% to 80% in 5% increments.

Apply Whisper Technology to help improve more efficiently than the desiccant models. Run the dehumidifier with normal speed of fan and you can dry your laundry.

The filter needs to be cleaned in a week to continuously getting the fresh air, however, there is a drawback in this unit that its filter is non-antibacterial, but it’s a simple air filter that removes only dust from the air.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 bedroom dehumidifier comes with a larger capacity water tank than other similar class dehumidifiers, and this is a portable unit and you can easy to put it anywhere in your bedroom

The most important feature of the unit is its quiet operation and can not feel any noise in your room, you can enjoy your sleep perfectly.

This kind of Eva-dry 1100 Electric dehumidifier only can put in bedroom but also you can use in other places as kitchen rooms, bathrooms, caravans also...

4- Pictek Portable Dehumidifier for bedroom

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Pictek Portable Dehumidifier for small spaces as bedroom is the desiccant model of Pictek that is a bit expensive than EcoAir DC12 but has many extra and powerful features.

This model comes with sophisticated digital controls on its control panel. An ionizer in the air filter provides clean and fresh bacteria-free atmosphere in the bedroom.

Moreover, a humidistat is also featured in this unit, you set the required humidity level and let the unit run, when the desired level of humidity obtained the unit will automatically stop its operation and will save your energy.

The unit is using Peltier Technology that means very quiet when it's in operation. The noise is lower than 35 db and you completely can't feel any noise​

By include THERMO-ELECTRIC, it will help get guarantees maximum performance & longevity.​

5- Eva-dry Edv-2200 Dehumidifier, Mid-Size

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Eva-dry Edv-2200 is the perfect small capacity dehumidifier for small rooms or mid size like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen room,.. providing fresh air without mold and mildew.

Its compact and portable design is convenient to move around your house with carrying handle and casters. It doesn’t produce extra noise and you will not get disturbed with the operation of this elegant model.

Eva-dry Edv-2200 doesn’t come with touch controls rather it has a manual control knob and LED displays providing easy and simple operation.

It can remove the damp from air up to 25-pints in a day and when the water tank reaches its capacity, it automatically shuts off.

With two drainage options it is very convenient built, either empty the bucket manually or install the unit near drainage to provide continuous operation.

It includes a clean filter alert to prevent you from filthy air. Easily removable and washable filter provides healthy and fresh air in the room. The unit is highly recommended to use in the areas where the temperature remains low because it has auto defrost option that provides uninterrupted operation of the unit.

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