Best Dehumidifier Reviews 2017

Hello my friends, you can call me Minnie Scott as founder of Take this opportunity, I would like to take you to go around our site here. I am guessing you are being here because you faced some humidity problem in your home and may be you require some methods, solutions to treat that immediately, and I strongly convince you that you come to right place to get answers.

I experienced humidity problem as many times, and now I honestly to tell you it’s easy once you understand the whole. I also understand that what you should do to find, to choose the right dehumidifier for your home as bathroom, bedroom, kitchen room, or even basement….​

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By following my below pages, you will be easy to check out my reviews, of course my reviews are objective and not analytical or in detail in full of numbers which can cover all aspects. If you want, you can check the specs from manufacturer, so I will not cover the full specs here, I just go through and high light what you need to pay attention. Especially, I will help you understand more about user experience and what it’s like to actually own, and pick up a particular dehumidifier to illustrate what I’m trying to explain.

In basically, I am here to help you to find the correct dehumidifier for your home as your expectation and how to get rid of humidity, moisture odors, that’s my goal at all.

Dehumidifier Selection Shortcuts

As I mentioned earlier, I will not go in detail for everything, so my article will be short and sweet and easy to get points, and I understand that it still may not be concise enough for all things because some of you are really busy with your daily jobs as working, take care family, … For those who are too busy, you can have look into my comparison table, this is concise enough, and in comparison table, I’m covering the most basic functions, features and important specs for each dehumidifier unit, and if you want to check it out more detail you can check out my review, my experience by clicking the review link of dehumidifier, of course you can buy it if you like from Amazon.

dehumidifier comparison

You could use my best picks of my selection as reference, especially a best dehumidifier for a special work, special task for a specific area as small room, or large area which you are looking for. All you need is jump to my top picks or simply click on below topic which you are taking into account and want to have a review

What are Inputs and Outputs of dehumidifiers

Before you checking out the dehumidifier review, I just want you to know some additional information, so you can understand and get my idea better

Beside the review article, as you can see below are list of useful information articles which I added links to help you follow and I’m sure it will not take much time from you.

Buying Guide

If you have no knowledge or awareness about dehumidifier, I suggest you start with dehumidifier buying guide first which I should you some definition, different types of dehumidifier, capacity and coverage area of dehumidifiers, some options , important features and how it work. Once you get some overall knowledge and comprehensive, you can go ahead to read more information articles with more in detail and I’m sure everything is easy to get.

What Size dehumidifier do you need for your area?

If you know once you read my buying guide above, you will recognize one of the 2 most important parts of every dehumidifier is dehumidifier capacity. What did you know about the capacity? Capacity is ability which dehumidifier can collect moisture from air around that area and after each day it will be expressed in pints. So for small room, especially when you use room dehumidifiers, their ability is remove moisture up to 30 pints of water per day, that to say for small room as bathroom, kitchen, closet, RV, etc. you just need dehumidifier within 30 pints. And for large whole house, you need to use up to 70 pints or more, in that time, large whole house dehumidifiers are suitable in that cases.

One more thing, you need to take into account is that lookout for its coverage area. What does this mean? It’s measured in square feet as 50, 100, 500, 1000 sq ft. These two factors: pints and coverage area which I mention earlier, those 2 factors are the most important you really need. To make easy to you, I make article about size and performance, you can check it out here.

Useful and Less Useful Dehumidifier Options

While some article as buying guide, size and performance provide you the basic information about dehumidifiers, some other factors as a humidistat, auto shutdown, timer, auto defrost, LCD monitor or electric controls options. All these info you can find here

After you get comprehensive from about articles, now everything is ready to you, check out the review articles. However, in case you need to get more info about humidity, additional features, maintenance, some of more expensive dehumidifiers will give you offer.

Below are my best picks for top rated dehumidifiers

From my experience, best dehumidifier for whole house in this case is Frigidaire FAD704DWD and FAD504DWD. These 2 kind of dehumidifier have same features, specs. The differences are capacity. Everything you need as humidistat, electronic controls, bells for alarms,… you can find in these models

The model Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 always awesome unit for large area than above unit, handle mold and mildew easily, it can give you a drier atmosphere especially in basement. This model has 50 pints and 70 pints. It’s completely small dehumidifier for basement.

  • Best (Semi) Commercial Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Compact 2 is really perfect for this case. Their capacity is up to 70 pints of waters, it can be used to remove moisture in spaces of up to 16000 square feet. Their dimension is designed to perfect for crawl space. Of course, it’s big and weight because it’s best one for basement and best dehumidifier for crawl space

Come to large area and built with pump, Friedrich D70BP 70 pints come to very close with Frigidaire in terms of, everything is very well. Because it has a built in pump, so it drainage continuously and accurate humidistat and of course cost is a little higher that other one.

  • Best Dehumidifier for Small room

For small room, pick up a portable dehumidifier, will small size is perfect idea. Pro Breeze PB-02 should be ideal. For this thing, everything seem to be easy, it’s not cost. Additional feature for small room like bathroom, closet is silent noise, really quiet and energy efficient, because most of these models use battery power

  • Best designed dehumidifier

If you like efficiency, good look with design. Why not DeLongi DD70PE or DD50PE. Along with enough features, and good look design, the cost will go along. If you have enough money and don’t care much about it, my recommendation is go with these kind of models

With cheap cost, Eva-Dry Renewable E-333 Wireless Mini dehumidifier is best choice for this situation. It come with limited feature but I think it ok with price. It’s nearly silent because of desiccant dehumidifier. Cheap but it’s quality. That’s all for what you want.

Additional Information

These below are some additional information which I will cover and I will give you in more detail about the world of dehumidifiers

a. How much is a Pint?

As I explained from beginning, pint represent for dehumidifier capacity. You should know exactly numbers, this is easy way to approach to choose the right size for dehumidifier.

b. How does a dehumidifier work?

That mean to understand about operation. Luckily, it’s very simple in their construction, it’s not like with other appliances which you have to read instructions. Because their construction is simple, they combine basic parts as fan, coils, water tank and compressor. It’s easy, right? So it will not make you confuse or hard to you I guess. But some air filters are added, by reading this article, you will find out how does dehumidifier work.

c. Requirements for basement and crawl space dehumidifiers

These kind of thing are interchangeable, everything seem to be same, similar with whole house dehumidifiers, there are some particular features that set them apart

d. Negative effects of humidity, mold and mildew

This feeling is not like other. Humidity in home make you uncomfortable and sweaty. Not only for your health or for your family’s health, humidity can lead to bunch of negative effects, it can be harm to home’s structure as well as wallet.