Causes of High Humidity In a House You Should Know

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causes of high humidity in a house

High humidity in a house is very important thing which we need to take care, otherwise a lot of effect will happen and make harmful to you and your family in a bad environment. In order to prevent impacts we need to understand clearly about the causes of high humidity in a house. Base on those things, it’s easy to find out a good solution. This article will help you.

What is Humidity?

Humidity is considered as an important aspect of the atmosphere. This term holds great significance because it has its effects on the surroundings. Humidity is defined as the content of moisture in the air or the dampness in the air.

When it comes to providing benefits or causing damages, the water content in the air offers both.  Sometimes the effects of the moist air are categorized as positive ones but sometimes it affects an environment negatively, example wall, room, garage,…

Effects of High Humidity

Too much of water in the air is followed by many problems that cause a negative impact on not only the surroundings but human health too. The increase in the indoor humidity is capable of destroying the foundation of the house and the possessions present inside it. Listed below are some of the many effects of high humidity:

  • When the number of water vapors rises in the air filling the homes or offices, it immediately reduces a person’s level of comfort. High temperatures combined with high levels of humidity makes it difficult for a human body to release heat in the surroundings, hence, a person sweats more.
  • The excess of moisture invites all kinds of microorganisms to build up their colonies in the house. While most of these organisms are mildly harmful to human health, some of them can even make people fatally it.
  • Moisture serves as a great threat to the structure of the house. It is responsible for damaging the expensive furniture and the precious possessions.
  • The unpleasant musty smell filling the house is also an indirect result of moisture. Moist air is perfect for the growth of mold that releases foul gasses into the surroundings. Due to this, the air in which a person breathes smells revolting.

What are Causes of High Humidity in a House?

Moisture around the house has several causes and if proper arrangements aren’t made to tackle this issue in time, it can sometimes cause irreversible damage to not only the property but also to human health. To prevent the excessive humidity, one must be aware of its causes. Following are some of the major reasons or causes of high humidity in a house that are responsible for high levels of moisture around the house.

  • Daily Life Activities

Cooking, bathing, showering, dish-washing, and washing and drying of clothes indoors are the activities that are part of a person’s daily routine. These activities result in the production of water vapors that add to the overall humidity of the house.

  • Crawl Spaces and Basements

Crawl spaces and basements directly affect the level of moisture around the house. Standing water in these places is evidence that there is either a drainage issue or a plumbing leak. Unless it is fixed, it will continue to increase the water content of the air. check out this article how to fix by using dehumidifier for crawl space here.

The ground of the crawl space also contributes to the humidity around the house. The soil, even if it appears dry, contains a reasonable quantity of water and continuously evaporates it in the air. The moisture in the foundation walls also evaporates into the air.

The vents in the crawl spaces and basements designed for the intent of ventilation affects the humidity of the air. The warm air coming from outdoors in a hot weather when enters the crawl space, it cools down. The cool air isn’t capable of holding much moisture and increases the relative humidity.

When the highly humid air from the crawl space or basement spreads through the house, it increases the overall indoor humidity. This is one of causes of high humidity in house you should be cleared.

  • Leaks in the Walls and Roofs

On a rainy day, the rain water may enter the house through the leaks in the walls and roofs and contribute to the moisture inside the house. The plumbing issues like leaks in piping that sometimes go undetected also increase the humidity.

  • Poor Ventilation

Another reason of high humidity in house is Poor Ventilation. The humidity of a poorly ventilated home is naturally high because the air containing moisture has no way of leaving the house. This moist air stays inside the house and when more moisture evaporates into an already moist air, the level of humidity goes up.

  • Water at the Foundation of the House

If there is water built up in the yard or ground at the base of the house, this water can also seep into the foundation of the house and cause high humidity.

  • Appliances

The appliances running from oil or gas sometimes start to malfunction and release large quantities of moisture into the air.


Causes of high humidity in a house are come from life activities, crawl space, leaking in the walls, appliance,…there are a lot of facts, but these are major reason we can see easily. When the water content of the air increases, it affects the overall indoor humidity. High level of moisture in the surroundings not only causes discomfort but also damages the possessions owned by people and their health.

Whether the moisture is produced by the daily life activities, crawl spaces, basements, leaking pipes or faulty appliances, it directly affects the humidity causing it to become high. Proper inspection of houses should be done by its inhabitants to make sure that the level of humidity stays within the safe limit.

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