Effective Solutions for Musty Odors and Moisture

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After a long, exhausting day of work one returns home in hopes to enjoy peaceful and fresh surroundings of their house. But on the contrary, if you are met with a stale and dank smell that causes your nostrils to twitch, nothing will be more unpleasant. This musty odor makes your home very unwelcoming not only for the visitors but yourself too.

Dehumidifiers to Avoid the Negative Effects of Misty Environment
Such revolting smells around the house are sometimes so stubborn that room sprays or air fresheners hardly help you in a task of getting rid of them. And even if these sprays manage to mask the odor, it always comes back after some time.

Effective Solutions for Musty Odors and Moisture 2016

The main culprits behind these nasty smells are various kinds of molds that if not treated properly could cause permanent damage to your house and the precious items you own. Many of these molds are harmless but some can result in headaches, allergies, and respiratory problems. Some of them are fatal that make you so sick that you can die.

Causes Of Musty Smell:

As stated above, the mold is the root cause of the unpleasant mustiness that sometimes fill our houses. They are responsible for releasing foul gasses in surroundings. These foul smells seeps into your clothes, carpets, furniture and other things those are present in your house. If not dealt with in time, the mold can destroy the structure of your house along with the stuff inside it.

Mold requires certain conditions for its growth. Dark and cold places in the house that have lots of moisture and lack air circulation are ideal conditions that promote its growth. But from all the factors, the major one responsible for growing of mold is moisture or humidity. Following are the basic reasons that promote mold growth:-

The growth of mold is more common in regions where there are heavy rains. It is also likely to develop in areas where the air has more humidity and the temperature is low.

Poor ventilation encourages mold growth. Steam and water vapors produced while cooking, bathing and washing, if not circulated outside the house imbalance the level of moisture in the air.

  • Leaking pipes, leaks in roofs and damp basements also assist in increasing the moisture in the air around the house and hence the probability of mold presence is increased.
  • Condensation frequently causes mold to grow. The activities like washing, cooking and drying of clothes inside the house cause the air to become moister. If left untreated, condensation causes mold growth on ceilings, walls, furniture, clothing and other items present in your house.

Effective Solutions for Musty Smell:

The first and foremost thing before trying to remove the smell from your house is to find out the reason behind it. Is it the water leakage, leaks in roofs or cracked foundation that has caused mold growth resulting in an unpleasant smell around the house? If you don’t eliminate the root cause, all the efforts to rid the house of the smell will be fruitless. Once the problem is found, you should immediately fix it.

After the main problem is fixed, we move on to the step where we rid our house of the smell.

  • Fresh, clean and circulating air often assist is removing the odor that has filled your house. Proper ventilation allows fresh, healthy air to enter the house and eliminate the musty odor.
  • Baking soda and Vinegar, the non-toxic and environment-friendly substances, don’t just cover up the musty odor like air fresheners and sprays. They actually stop the odor from spreading. In addition to their best performance, they are inexpensive. Hence, hold more appeal for the people.
  • Zeolite is a natural mineral with a porous structure. It has many applications, among them one is the absorption of bad odors and moisture. It is usually sold in packet form. Put the packet in the affected area and this amazing mineral will absorb the bad smell. It’s non-toxic in nature makes it more desirable.
  • Charcoal is an active component in many of the odor removing products available in the market. This odor remover is an ideal solution for a stinking house. Its porous structure lets it absorb the particles that produce the bad smell and hence the unpleasant, persistent odor disappears within a week or two.

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