Energy Star SPT SD-31E Dehumidifier review

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In dehumidifiers market, there is a very tough competition. There are a large number of brands seeking to make a profit by manufacturing products with remarkable quality and advanced features. Among of many brands in the market, Sunpentown is a brand belonging to Sunpentown International Inc or SPT. It is a small company but this doesn’t mean its products are any less in quality than other famous brands. The company is efficient in designing a range of household appliances.Energy Star SPT SD-31E Dehumidifier review

Right from beginning of my introduction article, Energy Star SPT SD-31E is winner for best design. The dehumidifiers designed by the company have impressive speed while removing the large amounts of water from the air. One of the notably manufactured dehumidifiers is Energy Star SPT SD-31E. This unit has the lowest capacity in the range of full-sized dehumidifiers designed by the company. It halts the destruction caused by mold and mildew in smaller areas like living rooms of medium sized houses or apartments. It is a must-purchase product for those who want to keep allergies and breathing problems because of mold, mildew, and dust mites at bay.



The unit is capable of dehumidifying an area up to 200 to 300 square feet. But in areas where the levels of humidity are slightly above average, its benefits can be extended up to 500 square feet. It removes 30-pint of water from the air every day.

Easy Operation

Set the desired level of humidity as low as 35% and as high as 85% through an onboard humidistat, which makes its operation easy and effective. After setting the humidity level, select the auto operation. The dehumidifier continues to dehumidify until the required level of humidity is attained.

Fan Speeds

Two fan speeds are available to make a choice from- Normal and Turbo.

Washable Air Filter

It features a washable air filter that cleans the air of mold spores, dust mites, and other airborne harmful micro-organisms. It can be cleaned whenever desired bringing the costs of maintenance down.

Energy Star Rated

The Sunpentown SD-31E is Energy Star qualified because of its efficient and budget-friendly operation.

Defrost Option

An automatic defrost option is available to melt down the ice if it begins to build up inside the unit. However, the dehumidifier is capable of working in temperatures as low as 41°F so the need hardly arises.

Electronic Controls/Options

-A soft touch electronic control panel is provided for choosing the settings.

-24 hour ON/OFF timer

-A full bucket indicator.

-An automatic shut-off option is provided that shuts the unit off when the water tank is full so that the water doesn’t spill out.

Drainage Options

  • It comes with two options to drain the water that is collected in the unit during its function:-
  • Manual drainage option that includes a removable water tank.
  • Continuous gravity drainage option that comes in handy when a unit is located near a drain.
  • A user can select any of the two methods according to their own convenience.

Automatic Restart

This option restarts the unit with the previously programmed setting after a power failure has occurred.

Time Delay Protection: In order to prevent the wear and tear of the compressor, a three-minute time delay is there while starting and shutting the unit.

Portability: The unit can be transported easily from one place to another using the provided carrying handles and rolling casters.

Warranty: It has a limited 1-year warranty.


A user manual is available to help figuring out how to take good care of the unit and its operation.

Features People Love (Pros)

  • The availability of humidistat and auto operations assists a user in maintaining the required levels of humidity in a simple and easy manner.
  • The automatic defrost options prevents the formation of ice inside the dehumidifier that otherwise would affect its operation.
  • Automatic restart in the case of some power failure is much appreciated by the users.


  • The unit is a little noisy that makes it unsuitable for use in the bedrooms.


Sunpentown brand has manufactured quality products since it is launched. The brand never compromises on the performance and reliability of the products designed under its name. Sunpentown SD-31E dehumidifier is no different. This low capacity unit is designed to be used in small spaces. It prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites and provides a clean and fresh environment. Its remarkable features like automatic shut-off, auto-defrost mode, automatic restart, and many others have been greatly loved and appreciated by the people.

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