How to Get Musty Smell out of Furniture

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One of the most disturbing problems around the house is if an earthy or musty smell settles in it. This particular musty odor is associated with mold and mildew growth. It is quite uncomfortable living in a house that smells like an old house that hasn’t been cleaned for days. Soon, this smell spread through the appliances, clothes and the furniture inside the house.

How to Get Musty Smell out of Furniture

Get musty smell out of the furniture,  is it difficult?

Removing musty smells from the furniture can be a bit of a challenge depending upon how old your furniture is and what type of wood is used in its manufacturing. This musty smell is an indication that mold and mildew are attacking the cushions and fabric. With this, the furniture decaying process begins. It is essential to deal with this problem in time before the mold starts destroying the expensive furniture and reduces its span of use.

Before adopting measures to eliminate the stinking odors, you need to be sure if it is just a smell that has gradually sunk in your furniture because of the mold and mildew in some other part of the house. Or is it actually due to the growth of mold and mildew inside the furniture?

Steps to Remove Musty Odors

Dehumidifying the Furniture

Most of the furniture around the house is made of wood. The porous structure of wood allows it to take in moisture and other smells around the house. Basements and attics usually have a musty odor because of the high levels of moisture in the air and poor ventilation. So, if the furniture is kept there, it will gradually develop a musty smell. Sometimes if the air around the house gets more humid than necessary, the furniture in the rooms and lounge also gives off a stench.

To tackle the problem, move the furniture into a conditioned room. Running the dehumidifier assists in handling the issue. Place the musty smelling furniture in a room, close the doors and windows and turn on a dehumidifier for a few hours. Repeat the process multiple times within few days to get rid of the odor completely


Vacuuming the furniture is also necessary because the microscopic mold spores can settle on the furniture. Mold spores give rise to mold growth if they find suitable conditions, so it is better to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the mold spores from the furniture. This will prevent them from spreading around the house and damaging other possessions.


If it isn’t possible to purchase a good dehumidifier, moving the furniture out in the bright sunlight will do the trick. The excessive moisture that seeps inside the furniture can be dried out when the rays of Sun hits it. This reduces the mustiness that permeates the furniture.

Charcoal and Coffee Grounds

Hanging a bag of charcoal inside your wardrobes and closets or leaving an open container of it in the drawers and on the bookshelves will help in eliminating the smells. Because of charcoal’s porous structure, it can absorb various disgusting and stubborn odors. Coffee grounds can be used in the same manner as they also possess the property of removing odors.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has amazing odor eliminating properties. Sprinkling it on the chest of drawers or wooden tables and inside of the empty wardrobes will remove the odors. Leave the particles of baking soda on the furniture surfaces for several days before vacuuming it up. It will relieve from the problem of musty smells.

White Vinegar

Placing an open jar of white vinegar inside the smelly furniture and leaving it there for a few days will stop the odors. The strong smell of vinegar doesn’t linger. It vanishes after some time along with the nasty odors. Mix white vinegar with water and give your furniture a good cleaning with a mixture.

Cedar Oil

If the stubborn musty smell spread through the cabinets and closets, spraying them with cedar oil will take away the odors. The cedar oil smell will soon fade too.


Newspapers are effective odor-eaters that can remove stenches but it may take some time. If the cabinets, drawers or trunks smell musty, wad up enough newspapers to fill the specific piece of furniture. Change the newspapers after a few days to speeds up the task.

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