HEPA OR IONIZER- Which air purifier is the best for you

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HEPA OR IONIZER air purifier

By now, we all have become familiar with the types of air purifiers and the different technologies that are employed in them. Whether it’s HEPA, activated carbon, or ionizer, they all are designed to remove the impurities circulating in the air surrounding us. Now which one is the best air purifier for you solely depends upon your needs.

HEPA AIR PURIFIER OR IONIZER- Which suits your needs?

HEPA air purifier and ionic air purifier both have the same task- ridding the air of the contaminants and benefiting the patients suffering from a number of ailments. The main difference that lies between the two air cleaning systems is the kinds of pollutant sources they eliminate, their design and the method of elimination.

The indoor air quality plays a vital role when it comes to making decisions. An important question is: What are the irritants that have to be removed? Apart from this your priorities as a user greatly affect the choice you make. These factors and some others that will be discussed shortly will decide whether HEPA or ionizer is the best air purifier that suits your needs.

Differences: Think carefully before you buy:-
The costs of air purifiers are relatively high when compared to other products at your homes. So, the investment in the purchase of an air purifying system should be made after analyzing your requirements and weighing pros and cons.

1. How do they look?

When selecting an air purifier, design is one of the major elements that makes a difference. If the chosen air purifier’s design and size aren’t suitable for the room, it will never qualify as the best air purifier for you.

HEPA air purifier design

HEPA air purifiers can be found in all shapes and sizes. They have great variation when it comes to colors and styles. Finding a HEPA air purifier that goes well with the furnishing of your room is possible too if you look hard enough. Some of these products can be put in the room corner while some can be even mounted on the walls.

Ionizer design

The style and design options in ionic air purifiers are very limited. There aren’t many available choices. Most of them are thin and vertical or have a compact design which makes it possible to place them anywhere in the room. There are very few ionizers that are wall-mountable.

2. How do they work?

Not all air purifiers use the same method for cleaning the air. There are prominent differences that should be brought into consideration before making a purchase.

HEPA Air Purifier

In this type of air purifier, a filter, dense and physical, is installed that is used to capture the airborne contaminants that are responsible for affecting your health adversely. The HEPA filter sucks the air filling the room into the air purifier. The irritants larger than 0.3 microns are trapped by the fibers of the filter and the fresh, pollutant-free air is pushed out into the room.

Ionizer air purifier

Ionizers generate a stream of negatively charged ions. These ions are sent out and spread into the room having bad air quality. These ions attract the positively charged, troublesome particles and bond with them. After the bond formation, these particles become too heavy to stay in the air and settle down on the surfaces in the room. Some ionizers include a collection plate that attracts these particles towards itself.

3. What kind of contaminants do they remove?

It is true that all the best air purifier is capable of removing unwanted particles from the air but the types of the particles vary depending on the kind of system being used.

Pollutants removed by HEPA air purifier:

Contaminants that are of the size 0.3 microns or larger can be easily removed by HEPA filters that can trap the dangerous particles for example pollen, dust, and mold spores and allows a person to live in an environment free of allergens.

Pollutants removed by Ionizer

Particles as small as 0.01 microns can be easily removed by ionizers. Smoke, viruses, and toxins, that can sometimes prove life threatening if not dealt with in time, are eliminated from the air with the help of ionizers.

4. How much area is covered?

Another property that has to be taken into account before making a final decision is the size of the room where the air purifier will be operated. Air purifiers have different area coverages and choosing the best one that meets your requirements can be sometimes a hard choice.

HEPA area coverage:

For capturing the detrimental allergens, it is necessary for the air, containing these particles, to pass through the filter installed in HEPA air purifier for air purification. This limits these air purifiers range and they can only clean the nearby air. Because of this, these devices can not effectively filter the air in large spaces. Still, for some of its users, it's titled as the best air purifier.

Ionizer area coverage

The absence of any physical filter in ionic air purifiers increases their area coverage. The negative ions can travel across large rooms and can easily attract the pollutants. That way they not only rid the nearby air from the allergens but also eliminate the harmful substances on the other end of the room.

5. How much they cost?

Never get fooled by the air purifying systems that have low costs. Sometimes the maintenance costs and replacement costs for different parts prove as a heavy burden on your budget.

HEPA Air Purifier Cost

It is no surprise that HEPA air purifiers employ technology that is more advanced than other air purifying products. The presence of a physical filter means they have high prices accompanied with high maintenance costs. Replacing filter after some time, whether it’s a whole year or few months, is a requirement and costly.

Ionizer Cost

Ionizers often aren’t that expensive and even the products with large area coverage cost relatively low than others of the same kind. Most of them don’t have yearly maintenance costs, however, those with collection plates might have small maintenance and replaceable costs attached to them.


Choosing an air purifier that works best isn’t a child’s play. It’s an investment that should be made very carefully. Both, HEPA air purifier and ionizer, have specific advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon your needs and priorities, the air purifier should be chosen. If the product meets all your requirements, no matter how ordinary it is for others, it would be the best air purifier for you.

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