How to Remove Musty Smell from Basement

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This article will cover about How to Remove Musty Smell from Basement. People usually go face a lot of trouble in trying to clean their homes. Despite their best efforts, sometimes a smell starts circulating the entire house. The source of this smell is mostly the basements. Basements are one of the major smell producing areas around the house. The odors from the basements soon start filling every nook and cranny of the home tarnishing the fresh feel and atmosphere.

Remove Musty Smell from Basement

What solutions to remove musty smell from basement effectively?

Basements are underground and often poorly ventilated. Consequently, they contain more moisture than any other part of the house. This moisture along with the lack of air circulation and absence of sunlight makes them the best breeding ground for mold and mildew. The foul gasses released by mold, mildew and other kinds of fungus makes the air around the basement unbearable because of the stubborn moldy smells.

Many people instantly go for room sprays and air fresheners to deal with mustiness. But these products are never a permanent solution for the job. Some people are using basement dehumidifier from popular brands as Keystone, Frigidair or Friedrich, as a solution. The only thing these air sprays does is masking one potent odor by another more potent odor. The sickly sweet smell of air fresheners vanishes after some time and the foul odors of mold and mildew returns. Sometime, we feel sick for solution, how to remove musty smell from basement fast and effectively.

The good thing to you, here are step to step to remove the bad odors away from basement.

Steps for Getting Rid Of Odors

1. Identify the Source

The first and foremost task while eliminating the odors around the basement is to get rid of the actual source responsible for it. Moldy smell is caused by the mold and mildew that thrives in humid conditions. So, if the reason behind the excessive moisture is removed, there will be no more odors to destroy your comfort.

In basements, check for leakages in pipes or leaks in ceilings. Sometimes when the temperature is appropriate, the condensation around hot and cold pipes can occur. In basements search behind the walls, the crawl spaces, and every other corner for water leakages. Fix them for avoiding the mold and the bad smell produced by it, moreover, wrapping the pipes with insulated pipe wrap decrease condensation excessively.

2. Removing the Smelly Objects

Once the main source of the smell is found and fixed, the next step is to clean or air-out the items that smell musty present in the basement. Unless the smelly objects are taken care of, there is a greater chance that the smell from these items permeates your basement once again after it is thoroughly cleaned.

Clean the items with a solution of baking soda or vinegar or leave them out in the sunlight for a few hours. Even if after taking these steps, the odor refuses to leave the items, throw them away and purchase new ones.

3. Cleaning the Basement

When the basement has no more musty smelling objects left, thoroughly scrub the walls and floors with a good quality detergent or with solutions of baking soda or white vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide solution is another good choice to remove mold and mildew present in the basement. Once there is no mold and mildew, there will be no musty smells.

4. Running Dehumidifiers in Basements

Humidity is a perfect condition that encourages mold and mildew to settle their colonies in the basement. The increased level of humidity increases the probability of mold growth that gives rise to various health issues like breathing and allergic problems. Dehumidifiers are one of the best appliances that one should purchase for regulating the moisture level of air. Running a dehumidifier in the basement will suck out the extra moisture and hence reduces the mold growth and resulting bad odors.

5. Home Remedies to Remove Odors

Tackling the bad odors filling your basements with commercial products can be dangerous. Most of these products do bad rather than good. They adversely affect human health. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry and make use of inexpensive ingredients that are mostly available in the houses.

  • Kitty litter possesses amazing odor absorbing properties. Leaving a box filled with kitty litter in the basement for some time will remove the stinking smells from the place.
  • Baking soda is used for several purposes in homes. But one of its most significant uses is removing the odors from the air. A box of baking soda in the basement can be very effective in getting rid of smells.


Basements are the major part of the house that contains excessive moisture. Improper ventilation and lack of sunlight make them suitable places for mold growth which in turn cause musty smells.  If this problem isn’t handled in time, soon the whole house starts smelling the musty. Following the above-mentioned steps can help in solving the issue. That’s it for how to remove musty smell from basement. Hope it will be helpful to you.

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