What Is The Right Size For An Air Purifier To Purchase

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Right Size for air purifier

When the idea of purchasing an air purifier pops into your head or when someone suggests it, it must be quickly followed by a pile of troubling questions that you ask yourself. What should be the method of purification employed, the right size for an air purifier, its area coverage, initial and maintenance cost, and noise factor? These are the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Air purifier’s bad performance- Our fault or Manufacturer’s fault?

An air purifier is meant to decrease the concentration of airborne allergens and other harmful particles in the area where it is placed. But sometimes it happens that a new air purifier doesn’t provide an effective performance against the pollutants. Of course, it is no surprise that such thing will get on your nerves because you have spent your time and money on that product and it is not providing you the desired output.

In times like these, rather than searching the real cause, all of us most probably start accusing the air purifier and its manufacturer. Instead of blaming the company, why not accept the possibility that we might have made the wrong decision in choosing the unit.

You check some reference from performance testing as below to more understand:​

A test of the performance of store-bought air purifiers carried out by the Shanghai Consumer Council early in 2013

A test of the performance of store-bought air purifiers carried out by the Shanghai Consumer Council early in 2013

What is the importance of size for an air purifier?

The effectiveness of air purifier depends on a number of things. Unless they are taken into consideration, there is a high probability that air purifier’s performance won’t satisfy you. Most of these factors have already been discussed above. Among them, one of the significant factors is the size of the air purifier.

It is obligatory that you purchase the right size for an air purifier because size makes a great difference in the product’s effectiveness. Eliminating the impurities can be quite an impossible task if the air purifier doesn’t go well with the area it is supposed to clean.

Important questions you should answer before choosing the right size for an air purifier:

1. Where to place the air purifier?

The first question that should be answered is where do you want to place that air purifier? The placement directly affects its output. First, you need to select the room where it will be used. If you want an air purifying system that can remove impurities from multiple rooms or an entire house, you need to keep that in mind while making a purchase too.

After that particular question is answered, it will help in narrowing down the options available to you and relieve your confusion to a certain extent.

Whatever the location is, place the unit right in the middle of it. That way the large concentration of harmful particles in the air can be removed by the product.

Below is just example for your idea:

Placement Impacts Effectiveness

Placement Impacts Effectiveness

2. What is the square footage of the space where you want to place the air purifier?

Another important factor that has to be considered when you are intending to buy the right size for an air purifier the square footage of the room, basement or any space you want to purify. Square footage is described as the area expressed in terms of feet.

square footage of the space where you want to place the air purifier

square footage of the space where you want to place the air purifier via oransi.com

Calculating the square footage of single room: Now, if you are bringing home the unit just to purify a single room, the procedure of calculating the square footage is quite simple and easy. All you need is a measuring tape. With that find the measurements of the two perpendicular walls in the room that you want to treat with your air purifier. After you get the figures, find their product.

Calculating the square footage of multiple rooms: If you have adjoining rooms in the house that you want to clean, the way of determining the square footage of both rooms isn’t a troubling and complex task. All that is required is the value of square footage of both rooms separately. You can follow the above-mentioned method for that. After getting the numbers add them to get the result.

Calculating the square footage of entire house: This can be done by measuring the square footage of each room, kitchen, bathroom etc separately and then adding the result. But the more convenient method will be to have a look at the paperwork of house from the time when you bought it. This will provide you the answer.

Once you have the square footage of the space that needs to be purified, have a trip to the market and purchase the air purifier with recommended square footage. You’ll find out that information in the air purifier’s specifications.

3. The level of Pollution and ACH

Apart from square footage, there is another value which is significant in choosing the right size for an air purifier. It’s called ACH rate i.e air change per hour rate. When the air purifier is first operated and quantity of detrimental substances in the air is high, it might not be that effective in cleaning the air in one go. In this case, for getting rid of the majority of pollutants, air needs to be purified more than once.

Therefore, it is advisable to consider the air purifier’s ACH rate, especially if you are a victim of asthma and allergies. Here are top 5 best air purifier for asthma if you are considering and worry and about it. If the level of pollution is very high or you are highly sensitive to allergens, go for an air purifier that changes air multiple times to ensure that many of the tiny allergy-triggering substances are filtered out.


Air Purifiers aren’t cheap devices. They can be quite costly sometimes which means before buying one, you need to weigh the pros and cons, and have to consider many factors.

For your small or medium-sized room, purchasing an air purifier designed for 1500 square feet space won’t be beneficial for you. It will do the job but will be very expensive. On the other hand, air purifiers for small spaces do not eliminate most of the allergens from a large room. Therefore, it is necessary to select the right size for an air purifier to avoid wasting your money. The area coverage of the air purifier plays the significant role in this regard.

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