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best air purifier for asthma

The poor indoor air quality has always been responsible for triggering many diseases. Asthma, a lung disease, is worsened by the indoor air pollution. Apart from medical treatment, controlling indoor air quality can always provide relief from symptoms of asthma. For elimination of airborne irritants that trigger asthma, you have to find yourself the best air purifier for asthma.

Asthma- A chronic lung disease

Do you know what will happen if you stop breathing? Of course, you’ll die. It isn’t hard to realize how breathing is absolutely necessary to stay alive. But there are some people who might have difficulty when inhaling and exhaling the air into and from their lungs.

One of the diseases that makes it hard for people to breathe is asthma. Asthma is a long-term disease that isn’t completely treatable. In people who are suffering from asthma, the tubes that are responsible for bringing air in and out of the lungs get inflamed. The muscles surrounding these inflamed tubes become tight in response. Consequently, the airways become narrow.

Sometimes it so happens that the swelling of airways worsens. This causes more mucus production which adds to the obstruction. The narrow airways combined with obstruction because of mucus makes it rather difficult to breathe.

Allergic Asthma

Many doctors accuse airborne harmful substances of being asthma triggers. These accusations aren’t false. It’s proved through the evidence that allergens like pollen, dust mites, tobacco smoke (air purifier for smoke), pet dander, chemical fumes or mold etc that float in the air when inhaled can sometimes cause symptoms associated with asthma. Such asthma that is triggered by allergies is called allergic asthma. A considerable reduction in those symptoms can be seen if the best air purifier for asthma is used.

Symptoms of Asthma

The symptoms of allergic asthma just like other types of asthma vary from person to person. Sometimes they are mild, sometimes severe. Following are most common symptoms of asthma:-

  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Unstoppable Coughing or wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing
  • A runny nose, watery eyes or itchy skin

It should be kept in mind that not every airborne pollutant will trigger symptoms of asthma in everyone. Some people are allergic to some substances while others aren’t. Once the symptoms spring into effect, it is significant to be aware of their severity. Sometimes they do get worse and a fatal asthma attack can build up.

The importance of Air Purifiers to relieve Asthma

Our health is greatly affected by the quality of air surrounding us. Inhaling clean air with hardly any impurities cleans the lungs, improves their cleansing action and helps in releasing the toxins from your body. On the other hand, breathing in the stale, stuffy air that has harmful substances circulating in it can cause or contribute to asthma, respiratory diseases and infections.

Allergen reduction from the air is therefore absolutely essential to control asthma and various allergies and infections. Therefore, the best air purifier for asthma should be present at your homes to help you in this regard. They are known to be effective in reducing asthma symptoms but there is no evidence that an air purifier is going to prevent those symptoms.

The Best Air Purifiers for Asthma

Now that we have established through valid reasons that an air purifier can be very beneficial if you are an asthmatic, you must be thinking which type of air purifier should be appointed for the job. Sufferers of asthma should know that there are different air purifier types and each one is designed to remove certain kinds of pollutants. So, buying any air purifier isn’t going to provide you relief.

The particles responsible for triggering asthma vary in size. They can be as tiny as the feces of dust mite, another asthma trigger. For this purpose, the air purifier chosen must be able to trap microscopic impurities. Air purifiers employing HEPA filtration are known to help asthmatics since they are able to capture 99.9% of the airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Where to place an air purifier in the room?

An air purifier should be placed in a room where you spend most of your time when at home. When at home, we are more likely to stay in our bedrooms so asthmatics should have an air purifier in there to remove the contaminants from the air. Other rooms that we frequently use are kitchens, TV rooms etc.

Limitations of Air Purifiers:

Even the best air purifier for asthma using HEPA filtration doesn't eliminate all the pollutants from the air. The air has to go through the filter for it to be purified. That's why only the air nearby can be filtered by a HEPA filter. They are also unable to eliminate the allergens that are caused by local disturbances.


When unwanted symptoms of asthma drive you insane, an air purifier could sometimes be a lifesaver. The troubling issue is the several choices available to you in the market. For your convenience, listed below are some of the air purifiers that efficiently clean the air for helping you to breathe easily.

Here are the recommendations from the Cool Dehumidifier review team for the top 5 best air purifier for asthma

1. Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Air Purifier:

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Air Purifier

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A Air Purifier

Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A air purifier is specially designed to adapt to any space. With its beautiful appearance, this air purifier is easy on the eyes and its quiet operation only increases its appeal. Unlike many products of the same kind, it doesn’t have loud fans that make it difficult for you to sleep while it's running. Instead of occupying valuable space on the floor, it can be easily mounted on the wall.

The air purifier has the ability to effectively clean the air with its six-stage filtration system that includes HEPA filtration. The customizable filter option is great with which you can tackle primary reason for stale air and gain immense relief. Along with many other advantages, this machine has low maintenance cost since filters need to be replaced after every 1-2 years. It can filter areas up to 700 square feet.


• Quiet operation

• Energy Star certified

• Beautiful design

• Can be mounted on the wall


• Expensive

2. Blueair 203 Slim HepaSilent Air-Purification System:

Blueair 203 Slim HepaSilent Air-Purification System

Blueair 203 Slim HepaSilent Air-Purification System

Another air purifier in the list of the best air purifier for asthma is Blueair 203. Great for spaces up to 240 square feet like your bedrooms and offices, this machine is an upgraded version of Blueair 201. It can fit in tight spaces with ease. This unit isn’t bulky but small and hence, portable. The HEPA Silent technology employed in the air purifier uses a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration techniques.

The advanced filter media along with an enclosed ion particle charging chamber efficiently delivers pure air. This durable machine made of galvanized steel doesn’t release foul gasses into your room. If you want the air purifier to keep providing you with fresh, cleaner air, its filters must be changed at the right time. For this purpose, a magnetic filter timer is supplied to alert you when it’s time for a filter change.


• Slim design and portable

• Durable

• Magnetic filter timer


• Not effective for smoke purification

• No sensor for displaying air quality

• A little noisy

3. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier:

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

Next, in the list, we have IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier with a housing made of ABS plastic that is not only lightweight but can’t break easily. The air purifier has a nice design making it easy to fit it in homes and offices. Its maximum area coverage is up to 1000 square feet.

With a high-quality centrifugal fan that works quietly, six fan speeds, hyper four stage filtration and low energy consumption, this unit is considered a great choice for people suffering from health issues like allergies. The hyper HEPA filter is 100 times more effective than a regular HEPA filter and sucks out fine and ultrafine pollutants like bacteria, viruses, and cigarette smoke etc. For removing gaseous irritants, it includes a V-shaped compact filter.


• Low energy consumption

• Hyper HEPA filtration

• Quiet operation

• Six fan speeds

• Long lasting filters


• High initial cost

• Large size

4. Oransi Max HEPA Large Room Air Purifier:

Oransi Max HEPA Large Room Air Purifier

Oransi Max HEPA Large Room Air Purifier

This Energy Star rated air purifier possesses all the essential qualities of the best air purifier for asthma and allergies. This unit, designed for spaces up to 600 square feet, works best in your bedrooms, basements and traps allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust mites etc. It features a pre-filter for large airborne particles, the v-HEPA filter for impurities as small as 0.1 microns, a stand alone activated carbon filter for light odors and an anion generator for settling the dust down.

This smart Oransi Max HEPA Large Room Air Purifier monitors the quality of air and adjusts the fan speed automatically. This simple to use unit is light enough to move from room to room.


• Portable

• Easily replaceable, long lasting filters

• 10-year warranty

• Ionizer can be turned off

• Quiet operation


• Not highly effective against smoke

5. Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier:

Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier

Oransi Finn HEPA UV Air Purifier

With its stylish, tower design and helpful features, this lightweight unit can be placed anywhere in your small bedroom or office. It effectively eliminates pollutants from spaces up to 400 square feet. It creates a healthy and fresh environment by getting rid of the dangerous substances in the air with its high-efficiency carbon pre-filter and v-HEPA filter.

This air purifier is low on the budget since the filter replacement costs are very low because of extended life v-HEPA filter. It also includes two extra pre-filters. The air purifier’s low airflow resistance technology makes it more powerful. When it's time to clean the unit, you can easily open it and vacuum the filters.


• Quiet operation at low fan speeds

• Easy to read LCD display

• 10-year warranty


• Very bright power on light


Air purifiers have become a necessity because of the poor indoor air quality that triggers allergies and infections. Indoor air pollutants are also known to worsen the symptoms of asthma. That’s why the best air purifier for asthma is what you need.

The air purifiers mentioned in the above section will do the job quite well. But if you have to choose one, Rabbit Air MinusA2 SPA-700A is the best of the best. This beautiful, wall mounted unit employs six-stage filtration system that creates a healthy and fresh environment for you. Apart from consuming less energy, the low maintenance costs and quiet operation makes it even more appealing.

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