Top 5 Best Filterless Humidifiers with Review for Your Home

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Top 5 Best Filterless Humidifiers

As many of you already know that to moisturize the air, we need some device as dehumidifier, purifier or humidifier. With saving cost and convenience, humidifier will come to picture. Especially, humidifier is really necessary thing when you have baby or people have some problem like asthma and sinus, or anyone who have potential problem with allergic to dust and pollution.

Today, I will give you some idea or overall about humidifier and you will got why, reason humidifier should be in your home.

There are 2 types of humidifiers:

  1. Warm mist humidifiers
  2. Cool mist humidifiers
filterless humidifier

Basically, when we talk about cool mist humidifiers, we talk about safer. That means about the natural behavior in processing the air. It lead to safer than other. Of course, each one of them have benefits side and opposite side. Along with safer, cool mist humidifiers usually are cheaper but more energy efficient than warm mist humidifiers.

Both kind of humidifiers also come with filter or filterless.

Filter free humidifiers are easy to use but still remain the effective in moisturizing the air. You are able to buy humidifier and filter separately. Filter has a special functionality in filtering and will take you more money and replacement in every year.

If you don't need filter, let come to filterless humidifiers.

Advantages of filterless humidifiers:

  • Without filter, more convenience and easier to use
  • Saving the filter replacement regularly
  • Definitely no noise for room, suitable to put it on anywhere in your house
  • Completely suitable if you have baby
  • Safer for health
  • Warranty in 1 year

Disadvantages of filter free humidifiers

  • Need to be clean every day and every week

If you are looking some good humidifier and also some concern which one is best filterless humidifier, then here is right place to check out our reviews of filterless humidifier.

Top 5 best filterless humidifiers and short reviews

Honeywell HWM705B Filter Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

When mention about Honeywell HWM705B, we are talking about humidifier which designed for medium room. Its design is very simple with medicine cup and setting for 2 moisture output. This unit can run effectively and save energy because it's equipped with auto shut off system. This mean this function will be active whenever water tank is full and it required empty by user manually. To clean and empty it is easy and definitely safety. This filter free humidifier come with 3 year warranty.

Along with some above advantages, there are some disadvantage like: noise. It's not completely noiseless. If you're near to humidifier, you can hear a very small noise, but not much. So it's not suitable for bedroom. So you can put it in another room, medium room that's right idea.​

Honeywell Easy to Care Cool Mist Filter Free Humidifier

If you need a humidifier for small room and medium room, Honeywell Easy come to this picture. This kind of humidifier equipped with water tank up to 1 gallon capacity. Thanks for big capacity, it can run up to 2 days - 46 hours which is double to normal humidifier. This is special thing about this Honeywell Easy.

Like another humidifier, this kind of humidifier has auto shut off system, a demineralizing cartridge. Another special thing about this humidifier is easy to fill technology. This technology is something like refilling as simple as possible, the behavior action is similar to water a plant. After cleaning, you can run it for a whole week safely​

The disadvantage is you can hear a little noise, but very small when you're near to it within 40cm, otherwise it's completely noiseless.​

Vicks Vul520W Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Next filter free humidifier is Vicks Vul520. It's designed very lovely and portable with variant colors is blue and pink. Each humidifier has some specific purpose and for specific location. This kind of humidifier is completely suitable for bedroom, it's perfect idea for small room which need a quiet for sleeping.

The strong points is completely noiseless. As like another humidifier, you can clean it easily and quickly. This device can help people reduce the coughing and nose congestion.

Capacity is small, so it's not suitable for big room or halls. Because it's used in small room, you can run it for whole week without any issue once you clean.

Vicks Filter Free Humidifier

As you can see from design, Vicks humidifier is fairly lovely, it come with no filter but it has VapoPads which can get more extra soothing comfort. Capacity of water tank is big, about 1.2 gallon, it help to fill up to 30 hours.

The weakness is easy to broken due to sturdy material. This kind of humidifier will work perfectly if you equip filter. That's reason if you don't use filter, all thing required from user is clean water tank daily basis. It's bad thing to you. Exception of it, other functionalities work as well

Rosewill Black Quiet Operated Filterless Ultrasonic Humidifier

The filter free humidifier which I like most is Rosewill Black. It's great unit. Although its design is not good to compare with above humidifier but it come with the convenience. By using the variant setting options, you can easy to change the moisture level. In additional, with 360 Adjustable Dual Nozzle Mist Outlet, the control system to moisturize the air is better than others.

Water tank is up to 5 liter along with auto shut off system, you will get more free time and aware the time to clean it. But the most thing I like this unit is noiseless, it create no sounds while running even you come to near. This unit can adapt your task in small room like bedroom, kitchen room or medium rooms as living room or so on.

The disadvantage of it is light, the light is too bright sometime you may like, sometime you may not like it and this system can produce some white dust. If you can consider these weakness is no problem,pickup Rosewill Back Quite Ultrasonic humidifier will be perfect idea.

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