Toxic Air Fresheners, Side Effects and Alternatives

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Has a thought ever occurred to you what are the ingredients of your sweet smelling air freshener?

For some of you, a thought might have crossed your minds but it may have been masked by the potent smell of your scented sprays or plug-in air fresheners.

Side Effects of Toxic Air Fresheners and Alternatives

Side Effects of Toxic Air Fresheners and Alternatives

As for me, it had always been about the fragrance. If it smelled good and kept my home from stinking, it was the best thing that happened to me.

But recent studies and researches have provided scary pieces of evidence that would surely make your eyes wide with shock and disbelief. The companies that have been claiming their scented sprays, plug-in and bottled air fresheners non-toxic and free of any chemicals are actually deceiving us. Their products are laced with toxic and harmful ingredients that can destroy your health without bringing it in your knowledge until it’s too late.

Air Fresheners or Health Destroyers?

In today’s world, the germs and viruses are surrounding people, searching for their prey. One wrong move gives the harmful micro-organisms a chance to attack people’s healthy state and make them sick. But a lot us have learned from our past mistakes. People have become smarter and now they carry out necessary steps to avoid any kind of illness. They are highly conscious of what goes in their stomachs. They try to keep their homes and the air which they inhale as clean and fresh as possible.

Air Fresheners or Health Destroyers

That is why when the stubborn musty odor hit their noses, they immediately run for the markets and stores to purchase the most popular air freshener placed on the shelves. Many people are of the opinion that the more it cost, the more benefit it brings. But that’s not always the true.

NRDC or Natural Resource Defense Council performed a thorough study of 13 frequently used air fresheners. The truth they uncovered is shocking. These so-called products that claimed to shoo away disgusting and musty odors are hazardous for health. The independent laboratory tests of these air fresheners confirmed the presence of ingredients that attack your immunity system.

These sprays contain Volatile Organic compounds like benzene and formaldehyde which aren’t human-health friendly in any way. Rather they are a constant threat for you and your family. The sweet-smelling benzene is actually a damaging factor for your bone marrow. Iron deficiency and cancer can also be caused by too much of benzene exposure.

The presence of formaldehyde in the air-freshener makes you nauseous. It can cause eyes, nose, throat and skin irritation.

Phthalate is a dispersant in many of the air fresheners. This harmful ingredient can be easily inhaled through nose or mouth or can even be absorbed through the skin. It is known to cause various reproductive issues. Mentioned above are some of the items from a long list of harmful ingredients. Most of these chemicals aren’t even listed on the labels so you need to be very careful what are you spraying in your home.

In their advertisements, the companies make epic promises about eliminating odors but most of the times it’s not the case. The harsh chemicals either mask the odor by a more potent fragrance or temporarily disable your ability to smell. So, even when your lounge is stinking you won’t smell a thing.

Natural and Non-toxic Air Fresheners – A solution to your problemsNatural and Non-toxic Air Fresheners - A solution to your problems

It’s not always necessary that a costly product will be the solution to all your problems.  There are also natural and non-toxic ways to deal with the offensive smell. A few companies that actually care about the health of consumers manufacture products that are devoid of chemicals and toxins. So, it is better to ditch those toxic sprays and bring home something that will benefit you rather than causing harm. But here I’ll discuss a few natural ways to deal with the odors.

Pure Essential OilsPure Essential Oils

-Pure essential oils are extracted from roots, barks, flowers and herbs. They are of different varieties like Lavender, vanilla, sandalwood, lemon etc. These oils can be used with a candle or electric diffusers and fill the room with fresh and soothing fragrance.


The porous structure of charcoal makes it a good moisture and odor absorber. Make small pouches with charcoal in it and place it in the stinking area to clean the air.

Cinnamon or ClovesCinnamon or Cloves

Boiling cinnamon or cloves in water for half an hour will fill your house with a refreshing smell and prevents you from spraying dangerous chemicals in the home. There are several other ways to tackle the musty odors effectively and naturally.

So, next time if the musty odor inside your house makes you uncomfortable, the purchasing of expensive air fresheners containing toxic chemicals should never be your choice. The cheap products will do the job quite nicely.

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