Types of Basement Dehumidifiers

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In earlier, we have posted a article of which is best dehumidifier for basement, in that I listed a top of dehumidifier which best suitable in basement and rid the humidity and musty odor. And today we will share with you about types of basement dehumidifiers.

As you already know that, some places in your home are more likely to stimulate molds and aggravate moisture levels, such as the basement. If your basement is moldy or stifling and the water concentrates on the pipes and the windows, you should take this as a sign that your home contains very high humidity level.

The problem with basements is the warm air within the basements tends to rise that means it will travel through the other living areas, and if it’s not kept under control you could end up with a massive repair bill. A basement dehumidifier is the key element to fighting that “moist” basement feeling and smell. Selecting the suitable type of basement dehumidifier to your circumstances is essential. You should be well aware of the information for the quantity of cubic square feet inside your basement area.

There are a number of different ways of grouping basement dehumidifiers. You should consider each of these groupings when you are going to buy a dehumidifier for your basement. There are four common types of basement dehumidifiers as you can see at below:

1/ Heat Pump Dehumidifiers

2/  Dehumidifying Ventilators

3/ Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifiers

4/ Homemade Dehumidifiers

 (i) Heat Pump Dehumidifiers

Heat pump dehumidifiers are consisting of an electric fan, heat exchange coil, and a heat pump to eradicate the humidity level in the atmosphere of the basement. The fan sucks the indoor air in and throws it to the heat pump via heat exchange coil. Temperature of the heat exchange coil is nearly on freezing level. When the warm air of the room hits the coil, it sucks the vapor from the air and sends the dry air to heat pump. Then the heat pump reheats the cold air and blows it back into the room, repeating the same process at regular intervals unless a certain level of humidity is maintained. Average cost of a heat pump basement dehumidifier varies from $150 to $400. This cost can rise up to $1500 and above on high-end products.

(ii) Dehumidifying Ventilators

Dehumidifying ventilators are one of the best types to control the humidity level in the basements, crawl spaces and top floors. In these basement dehumidifiers’ temperature of the air inside the room is raised and applied intense ventilation. Construction of the dehumidifying ventilator is very simple, an exhaust fan and a humidity sensor are the main components of this type.

(iii) Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers are made of silica gel (a desiccant that absorbs water and is used to remove moisture; a drying agent). In chemical absorption dehumidifiers, silica gel is heated and positioned on the wheel, the gel is dried by another loop and vapor from the air also dried. After that, the moist air drained out through ventilator and thrown outside the room. Chemical absorption dehumidifiers work best where the weather is very hot and humidity level is high.

(iv) Homemade Dehumidifiers

Commercial dehumidifiers are costly and everyone can’t afford this facility. If you are a budget conscious person, consider making your own dehumidifier with materials you likely already own. To make your own dehumidifier, you will need a can with a lid and a block of compressed coal. Charcoal will absorb moisture from the air.

Another option to make a homemade dehumidifier is a special kind of deicing salt. This salt naturally squeezes humidity out of the air, making it a useful to dehumidify the air in your basement.

After you got some information of best, top rated dehumidifier for basement, You will think about where to buy dehumidifier? But let wait, you need to read the below useful guide for your choice. And next we will share with you about how to choose or factors for choosing the best dehumidifier for basement.

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