Ultimate Dehumidifier Buying Guide

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Dehumidifier Buying Guide

In overview of dehumidifier picture, this is first point you should start to get overview and basic knowledge before going to detail for each dehumidifier review. Everything will be easy if you have overview look as this article, this is right place to start.

Just imagine this is simple even when we talk about basic function or some special features which need for your demands and I think you will be familiar with dehumidifier because dehumidifier is constructed fairly simply. That is good signal.

As you can be in below content, what you need to know I will cover to help you find the correct, right fit dehumidifier for your home, for your space or area you planed. Once you got my point, you will never regret about dehumidifier which aim to buy. Even buying with low cost but it does not fit your area or requirement, I mean wrong dehumidifier, now it’s no value anymore and you need to solve problem of humidity by purchasing a new dehumidifier again. That’s too bad and really waste money. Why you not come to choose a right dehumidifier at beginning? This below will help you.

Here are what I’m covering:

Two different type of dehumidifiers in the market

Those are Refrigerant dehumidifier and Desiccant dehumidifier. Refrigerant types now are popular in market and you can be easy to find it because most of dehumidifiers nowadays are belong to types of refrigerant.

two types of dehumidifier

This Refrigerant dehumidifier is equipped with coils, that means whenever air gets sucked in, this will cool down coils by using the fan, along with cold surface of coils, water vapors condensate, After that with water tray, that’s is place that water from coils will be dripped down into.

Desiccant type of dehumidifiers which equipped with desiccants. This is main reason to help absorb, get away from amount of moisture which can be very large, big after running some time. Usually, crystals or silica gel is used as desiccant material. That’s reason you may find some silica gel in there.

By using different technology which I cover it very short as above, explain in more detail will take more time but it’s not necessary in overview picture here. But in case you want to find the differences in detail between refrigerant type dehumidifier and desiccant type dehumidifier, I can help you. I will open that in a new session.

Capacity and Coverage Area of Dehumidifiers

Depend on kind of dehumidifier as type, number of pint, we have different capacity and coverage area. How can we understand about this spec?

Capacity of the dehumidifier means the number of pints, it show how ability to collect air during every day of 24 hours. Number of pints is low means capacity is low, cover cross the small area and number of pints is high mean capacity is high, cover large area.

In market, we have 30 pints dehumidifier, 50 pints dehumidifier or 70 pints dehumidifier, and another number pints. With 30-pint dehumidifiers, you can used for small area, small room like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. It’s completely suitable for small size of area. With 50-pint, we need larger area, large room such as living room. With 70-pint dehumidifier, it collect a large number of dehumidifier, high humidity. 70-pint units are suitable for whole home or medium sized basements. And for special area like basement or crawl space, we need more pints than 70 pints. That’s reason we have 100-pint dehumidifiers

Now I think you are get my point here. And you can answer the question how much pints you need to particular area like kitchen, bathroom, basement, bedroom…,right?

So, what I would like to say is it’s very important to choose the correct number of pints of a dehumidifier which will server your room. If you room is big, but you select units with tool small number of pints, small capacity or small coverage area. It’s completely not effectively and can’t solve the moisture problem. In the opposite, put the too large dehumidifier in a too small area, it cost, expensive, not necessary and completely inconvenience because it will take more space than you expected. I also prepare another article which talk about the relationship between number of pints and Square feet. So, let find out what size dehumidifier do you need?

Drainage Options

What is drainage options? As you can see water tray is equipped in Refrigerant dehumidifiers, it help to collect fluid which come from the coils. What will happen in case we forget to empty water tray? Solution is reservoir. Reservoir has a mission to spill over in case too much fluid and then auto shutdown feature will work or indicator light will inform you. That means water container is full. From indicator or dehumidifier is shutdown, you will know to need to check water tray, empty them.

drainage options in dehumidifier

Some dehumidifiers will have continuous drain option. This option will allow you to hook a hose to the back of dehumidifier. And water can easily be drained out directly through the hose. In this time, no need to empty water tank inside the dehumidifier. This thing is called drainage options. It’s super convenience that you can drain water from dehumidifier to where you want like larger bucket, a sink or even a sump hole.

Pump options

As explained above about the drainage options, water is drained from high position to lower position, you don’t need a pump. But is some case, if you want to put water from lower place to high place such as from basement to garden. That can’t be done in normal way. So dehumidifier with pump come to this picture to help you. That to say you can use a separately pump to push water to higher place or simply take the dehumidifier built in pump.

Features may be useful

Some dehumidifier may have number of bells and whistles. There are number of additional feature, some case it’s useful but in some case it’s not essential any more. Additional features are auto defrost mode, humidistat, LCD display, auto restart, timer, electronic controls and a lot of more. Among them, some are very useful, but some of them are not necessary. These things are explained in useful and less useful options of dehumidifiers

Once you understand the purpose of particular features, it’s useful to help you choose the correct dehumidifier. If some features which not necessary in your case, no need to come with that and you save some money but you get full quality in performing humidity. Now you are nearly got the basic idea, basic functions for a dehumidifier. Let jump to a review article for particular dehumidifier to find out what you want and what you are ready to pay.


This is ultimate buying guide, maybe a little long. I have already tried to cover in short way to help you get idea about “ins and outs” of dehumidifiers. I hope this article is useful once you spent your time on it.

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